With children, there is no time to lose

With children, there is no time to lose

The resurgence of the epidemic affects the hearts of hundreds of millions of people.A few days ago, a six-year-old boy in Beijing was diagnosed with a heart – wrenching diagnosis.

With children, there is no time to lose

According to news reports, the boy had taken care of a “small dining table” at the home of the confirmed case.

In recent years, the rise of business places, small dining table, was discussed on the hot search.

Some people questioned: as the epidemic area, “small table” turnover is large, parents should be more snacks, take their children home ah.

Not don’t want to, but helpless ah.

In fact, many primary schools end at three or four, and parents don’t leave work until 6 at the earliest.There are no old people at home, the best choice is a small dinner table.

Help with babysitting, add a meal.

Although know, can accompany the child to accompany as far as possible, but the reality is not so ideal.Take up the work can not hold the child, put down the work can not raise the child.

It is said that companionship is the longest confession of love. If it is not forced by life, who is willing to miss the growth of children?

If you can be comfortable, who will choose displaced?

In the world of parents, too many dilemmas, it is difficult to have it both ways.

Recently, because of the rush to finish the project, our team often works overtime until 11pm.

One night I went to the bathroom and found a co-worker sobbing.Asked her what was wrong, she choked for a long time before saying why.

Her 7-year-old son has been sick recently, has been a fever, a fever shouted “I want mom…”.

She comes home at eleven or twelve o ‘clock every day, and the baby is asleep.

It’s hard to even see the kids, let alone take care of them.

Colleagues said this, can not restrain, a moment grievance sadness welled up in my heart, can not help but burst into tears.

The child is his own, how can not love it?However, the burden of bringing home the bacon is not easy.

Adults in the world, accompany children, also want to race against time.

I remember in Odyssey of a Chinese Odyssey, the supreme treasure said:

How to save you without the gold hoops?How do I love thee with gold hoop?

The same is true of middle age and parenthood.

In the subway, a tired mother kept dozing off after work. The little boy felt sorry for his mother and said to her:

Mom, you go to sleep. I’ll call you when we get to the stop.

The little boy then remained in this position, listening intently to the radio station announcement.

Company is the longest confession of love,

If it weren’t for life,

No parent in this world wants to miss out on their child’s growth.

Some people say that after having a child, parents will have a soft rib, also put on armor, not afraid of the wind and rain on the road, march forward bravely;

Some people say that after having a child, parents will have some greed, want to give the child to earn back the whole world;

Some people say that when parents have children, they are willing to do all they can to provide their children with quality education and a good life.

In middle age, parents are like a big tree.

Must first give children shelter, in order to have conditions to accompany slowly.