Children, confidence, encouragement

Is not the previous life built what Nie

Confusions like this one, which I get almost every day, prompt me to think more.

What have I done for my children?What else can I do?

Children, confidence, encouragement

In my opinion, the more far-reaching role of reading lies in helping children to build up their perception of a better life through words from an early age.In the long run, however, the mastery of one’s native language determines the depth of one’s thinking and one’s ability to process information.

Until a lot of parents in the backstage feedback, hope that “Uncle Kyle Storytelling” on the basis of retaining the original flavor, do some more can exercise children’s language skills, and can prepare children for school.

After learning about the parents’ demand, I immediately led the teaching team to conduct a series of intense brainstorming.

As there is a quote on the Internet:

“Do not abandon the child shame, do not complain about raising children tired, in a few years, he may not be around you.

Is not the previous life built what Nie, there will be a poor student son.

But you repair a few lifetimes of fate, only this life meet.”

At the age of 3, he went to kindergarten for the first time. He was ignorant and would cry when he left you.

At the age of seven, he enters elementary school and has his own friends. His parents are no longer the only ones.

13 years old, he went to junior high school, worry much, secret no longer share with you.

At the age of 16, he began to live in the school, the familiar bedroom, has become his hotel.

Count the years left.

Won’t have the figure of little person again in the study, the bed in the room is empty, desk lamp is covered with dust.At night, it was pitch-black.

Will you miss, the flesh of the back, sitting there, while writing, while playing with the pen, while raised his head and shouted “mother”……

Do you miss waking up your son every morning?

At that time, you will not care about, that less than 10 points 20 points?

Parents and children a, can get along day and night, is the greatest happiness in this life.

Sanmao once wrote in “the battle of the whole life” : the greatest sorrow of my life is not that I did not earn the whole world, but please appreciate me!

A wise parent should know how to affirm a child, no matter how bad it is.

Because that’s what makes a kid fail.