Children, confidence, encouragement

Why is Finnish education the best in the world

Go to school late, long holidays, less homework, do not spell school district room….This seemingly comfortable learning process, but to cultivate one after another excellent students.

Children, confidence, encouragement

In fact, Finnish education is famous for its unique education system, but also for the cultivation of children’s reading habits.

Finland is a country that pays particular attention to reading. Statistics show that with a population of 5.5 million, Finland borrows 68 million books every year.

When each child is born, the government sends a package with a set of books on how parents can guide their child to read.

After the child goes to school, the essential homework is to read half an hour a day, the school will also regard reading and writing as the most important learning skills.

They firmly believe that “good reading habits will help children to open the world.”

Reading is the foundation of Chinese and the cornerstone of all subjects

What will happen to children who love reading from an early age?

Sun Tianchang, 3 years old to read more than 1000, 13 years old entered the University of Science and Technology of China, when other children playing with toys, he read books at home and abroad.

Tang Chuyue, 725 points in the college entrance examination, 146 in Chinese, and full marks in composition.All thanks to her continuing love of reading and writing outside the classroom.

Now, should take an examination to the language more and more attention, no matter be literate, back Tang poem Song Ci or writing, test child’s reading ability very much.

Literacy is required at entry into many primary schools.

A public primary school in Hangzhou requires at least 700-800 students to read before entering school.

A primary school in Beijing is required to enroll 1,000 students who can read paragraphs.

After entering primary school, the new curriculum standard requires 1.45 million words of extracurricular reading…..

Foresight of parents, are sure to let their children accept Chinese enlightenment as soon as possible, from an early age to cultivate interest in reading.

But as parents, know the importance of reading, but can do nothing, forcing children to read, the effect is counterproductive!

Is there really no shortcut to reading?B: of course!

My child is less literate, reading interest is weak, after going to school more and more suffer.Can you ask Uncle Kaiser to help with this?

Confusions like this one, which I get almost every day, prompt me to think more.