Cultivation, future, education

Not trying to change other people

On Zhihu, someone once said, “Although the three views of the world are different, different views of the world and values do not mean that one is superior or inferior. Mutual respect is to show one’s cultivation. Even if I do not agree with you, I can understand the three views of the world.”

Cultivation, future, education

We always emphasize that we should be with people who are aligned with our three views.

In fact, in this world, there are not exactly the same two leaves.

Learn to respect the differences of others, in order to win the recognition and goodwill of others, but also to let each other get along more harmonious and harmonious.

On the variety show Wild Kitchen, actor Li Dan was criticized by many netizens for failing to stand up after he and Wang Han made a date to go fishing.

At dinner, Li Dan took the initiative to mention that when he was eating crab with sand yesterday, he had a particularly strong feeling that he himself was sand, which was useless.

At that time, Wang Han immediately sensed his depression, so he immediately replied:

“When the sea has no sand, it is just a beach, and the beauty of the sea is reduced by half.”

But Li Dan still felt a little sorry and said:

“Crab will be delicious without the sand, just like the show will be better without it.”

“It’s uncomfortable to get sand in my eyes, but when I get it out, I always bring tears,” Wang added.

In fact, Li Dan had already decided to leave the show. After saying this, all the guests looked at each other, but Wang Han replied:

“Christmas is an adult, and adults make decisions that we respect.”

In fact, a truly high EQ person, is never forced to others to instill their own three views, but he must know to give others the next step, leave a separate face.

Not alone.

A few years ago, singer Sun Nan messed up the rules of the competition when she said without warning that she was going to quit during the show.

In the face of this sudden situation, Wang Han immediately came to the conclusion:

“For a good singer to announce his decision to withdraw from the competition at the final, it must be a big deal, and a big deal,

As a live host, I did not interrupt Nango’s speech, although I have the right, but I respect a mature man’s decision.”

In fact, sometimes we can disagree with others’ ideas and practices, but this does not mean that we have the right to deny and denigrate others.

Kant once said: “I respect every independent soul, although I do not agree with some, but I can try to understand.”