Disease, newborn, jaundice

Occurs pathologic jaundice when newborn

Neonatal jaundice is a common but not negligible symptom.

 Disease, newborn, jaundice
Disease, newborn, jaundice

When the baby appears physiological jaundice, we should pay attention to observe whether the baby ingested enough water, whether to eat.

Under the premise of eating more and more rows, with the increase of time, the baby’s body can metabolize bilirubin on its own, and the symptoms will be reduced.

At this time, if we cannot accurately judge from the appearance, whether the baby’s jaundice is slowing down, we can also use the baby’s palm to compare with the face, or go to the hospital for jaundice value detection.

Occurs pathologic jaundice when newborn, it is not allowed to leave hospital, the doctor can find pathological reason, take corresponding treatment method, can give the child light blue light commonly, prevent the occurrence of bilirubin encephalopathy.

After all, if a baby has severe jaundice for a long time, it can affect brain development and lead to mental decline.

How should after jaundice darling leaves hospital nurse?

1, want to observe jaundice progress situation closely above all

Observation of skin color, baby’s heart rate, heart sound, anemia degree and liver size changes, need early prevention and treatment.

Obact whether the baby is depressed, sucking difficulties, limbs stiffness or convulsions and other symptoms, once there are symptoms, send to the doctor in time.

Pay attention to protect baby’s skin, umbilical and buttocks, keep clean, prevent damage and infection.

Keep warm, as a low body temperature can interfere with the binding of bilirubin to albumin.

2, to let the baby eat more platoons

In order to eat more meals, let the baby eat more breast milk, to ensure that the baby’s nutrition and calorie intake needs.

3, to follow the doctor’s advice, can not make decisions

Baby’s jaundice, after all is to belong to physiological or pathological, or should be identified by the doctor, diagnosis and treatment;

When the baby is diagnosed as pathological jaundice, be sure to follow the doctor’s advice.

Bask in the sun, can you treat icteric?

In addition to the above questions, there is another question, is the sisters often asked, that is:

Have icteric symptom, oneself illuminate fluorescent lamp in the home or it is bask in the sun, can you have remedial effect?

Generally speaking, light treatment, it is one of the treatment behavior that helps to retreat jaundice symptom.

Basking in the sun, can indeed help jaundice subside, but the sun’s UV penetration is very strong, will have adverse effects on the baby’s skin;

So, if you want to give your baby the sun, be sure to choose the time of day when the sun is not too strong, or across the glass.

But fluorescent lamps are of no help to subside jaundice.

If the baby is diagnosed with pathological jaundice, the doctor will choose the most suitable light source for reducing jaundice blue light to irradiation, the main equipment has light therapy box, light therapy lamp and light therapy blanket.

When lighting, we must pay attention to: the baby’s eyes, perineum and anus should be covered, the rest can be exposed, and the duration of exposure is not more than 3 days.

Feeding the newborn with glucose water debilitates jaundice

Line not line?

The answer is: no.

Adequate water intake is an indispensable condition in the metabolism of bilirubin in neonates.

Many new mothers start breast-feeding at a difficult time, resulting in babies unable to get enough water, poor metabolism, and jaundice.

At this time, it is recommended that between the baby’s two milk, give the baby a proper amount of water.

As for feeding glucose water, it will give the newborn a sweet taste of bad eating habits.So, give the baby to feed plain boiled water, but pay attention to a small amount of repeated drinking.