Disease, newborn, jaundice

Feeding the newborn with glucose water

Want to say month sister-in-law nursing the most newborn disease is what, that must be newborn jaundice.

Disease, newborn, jaundice

Common, but by no means simple.Every time the sisters asked about jaundice care, there were big question marks and obvious anxiety.

What disease is jaundice after all?

Neonatal jaundice, it is to point to the bilirubin level in the blood rises, cause the phenomenon that skin, mucous membrane appears yellow catch, also be called on medicine “high bilirubinemia”.(Note: Yellowing is a symptom that is characterized by yellowing of the skin and sclera throughout the body.)

It can be divided into physiologic jaundice and pathological jaundice two kinds.

Physiology jaundice appears 2-3 days after the baby is born commonly, 4-6 days reach peak, 10-14 days subside, premature baby, low weight son jaundice subside a few slower, the likelihood can last 3-4 weeks just subside.

Pathological jaundice, generally in the baby 24 hours after birth, and more than 3 weeks did not subside, or retreat and relapse.

Pathological jaundice, appear time is earlier, the degree is more serious, the yellow stain phenomenon progresses quickly, the duration is longer;

If not treated in time, it can cause permanent damage to the central nervous system, resulting in mental decline, hearing impairment and other sequelae, or death from respiratory failure.

Why can darling get jaundice?

There are many reasons for neonatal jaundice, especially pathological jaundice, which may be caused by neonatal hemolytic disease, congenital biliary atresia, neonatal hepatitis, sepsis and other infections.

But under most circumstances, the reason that causes jaundice, basically still is the following 4 kinds:

1. Relatively excessive bilirubin production

The production of bilirubin in neonates is more than 2 times that of adults.

Because after birth, as breathing builds up, the partial pressure of blood oxygen in the body rises and the excess red blood cells are destroyed.

As more red blood cells are destroyed, the amount of bilirubin produced naturally increases, and this bilirubin needs to bind to albumin to be metabolized.

But under normal circumstances, the baby body does not have so much albumin, so, bilirubin can not be metabolized, on the performance of jaundice.

2. Acidosis

In the short stage after the newborn is born, there will be acidosis with different severity, which will affect the combination of bilirubin and albumin, leading to jaundice.

Premature babies, in particular, have less albumin in their blood, which can make jaundice appear more acute, heavier and longer.

3, the liver metabolic function is not perfect

Neonatal liver metabolism function is not perfect, bilirubin cannot be metabolized normally, also be one of the reasons that causes jaundice.

4. The normal intestinal flora has not yet been established

The normal flora of the newborn’s gut has not yet been established and does not better assist bilirubin metabolism.