Respect labor: do not ignore the hard work of others

Don’t ignore the hard work of others

This is not only ignorance, low emotional intelligence, but also lack of quality and education, even the most basic respect for cultural relics restoration workers.

Respect labor: do not ignore the hard work of others

Behind the light word, is how many people how much time effort.

What would it be like if the roles were reversed and you were the one who was spoilt for your labor?

In life, there are always some people who walk in society by virtue of their shallow cognition, with arrogance in their hearts and frivolity in their behavior. They will jump when they are poked in a sore spot, but they cannot do empathy.

Someone was eating barbecue while throwing rubbish, but the trash can was not far away. A passer-by reminded him, but he said, “This is a cleaner’s job.”

Someone bossed around a waiter in a restaurant and left the table in a mess.

There are also people in the preservation of many years of ancient buildings, with a knife one by one engraved “so-and-so in this tour.”

The details of education, and life is a word and action details.

We may not be able to identify the person with the highest education or the most wealth at a glance, but we can certainly pinpoint the person with the least education or respect for other people’s hard work. 

The fairy tale king Zheng Yuanjie talked about such an experience.He went to a pen meeting for writers. At the meeting, the writers were talking about the books they had read. Someone mentioned a minor Russian writer and asked Zheng Yuanjie:

“Have you seen his work?”

Zheng Yuanjie shook his head, the people surprised:

“How can you write when you haven’t even read his book?”

Later it was Zheng Yuanjie’s turn to speak, he made up a name, said that he had recently read Kuska’s book, asked the people present whether they had read, did not expect that 70% of the people nodded, Zheng Yuanjie then said:

“I just made it up.”

The audience was stunned.

Highly-flaunting the sense of superiority, in the eyes of the really excellent people, is just a joke without inside information.

As Rousseau said:

“An ignorant person always thinks what he knows is important and ought to tell everyone.”

The more shallow the man, the more will show off what he has.

Some people read a few books and think they are great, some people buy a few designer bags and wantonly belittle other people’s clothes;

Some people get admitted to a prestigious university and feel entitled to laugh at others’ low education. Some people have a good baby and feel free to make fun of those from poor families who have no support.

This world has no superior than who, after a hundred years, are scattered in the world of a dust, insignificant.

When you have time to inflate your vanity, it is better to compare who is really educated.

What is real breeding?

As Little Shenyang said:

“When someone’s wall falls down, we can’t help it up, but we don’t push.We have meat to eat when others are hungry and we can’t give it, but we try not to squawk.”

To treat everyone objectively and equally, not arrogant, not self-abasement, not self-abandonment, not narcissistic, as respect for their own respect for others, should be the first embodiment of education.