Respect equality: don't show off your superiority

Don’t show off your superiority

Xunzi said, “Beneficence, righteousness, propriety, and goodness are to people what wealth and corn are to home.”

Breeding decides everything in all things.

Respect equality: don't show off your superiority

Some look white, but feel pity; some look bright, but do something shameful.

The real indicator of a person’s upbringing is not education, not wealth or poverty, but respect:

Respect for misfortune, respect for labor, respect for equality of life, respect for different lives.

Respect misfortune: do not consume the suffering of others

A true story I saw on Zhihu:

One policeman who was injured in the line of duty 18 years ago was just 21 when he was killed, after a car accident while chasing a suspect left him in a vegetative state.

The parents of the police officer have been taking care of their son for 18 years, from wealth to poverty, and never give up.

It wasn’t until the fall of a few years ago that the family’s story became a propaganda model, and all the local media started covering him in droves.

His father was a strong and optimistic man in his sixties who never spoke of his family’s woes.

Had it not been for the media’s visit, the neighbors would have had no idea that the vegetative man had been a heroic policeman.

To highlight the inspiring and moving nature of this police family, reporters formed a circle, one by one, pointing their microphones and cameras at the elderly man, asking for details of the day of the accident.

“You must be miserable?””A reporter asked, coolly but with a hint of excitement.

Middle-aged child loss, how can not pain.

Every time a disaster happens, you hear this voice, wanting to slice up, magnify, and embellish all the pain of others, and then tell the onlookers, “Look, this person is so miserable, this family is so miserable, this story is so touching!”

The spectators listened and watched, some in silence as a sign of respect, others from the moral high ground, and even physically assaulting victims who “didn’t show pain.”

Similar events have been happening at regular intervals.

Perhaps other people no matter how big the misfortune, for you, are just a small misfortune.

But the world turns around, if one day you suffer the same misfortune, in the eyes of others, also naturally insignificant.

Nissan once said:

“If we learn to make ourselves happier, then we’d better not inflict pain on others, with the intention of torturing them.”

The most basic education is to respect everyone who is alive in suffering, not to put their own interests and pleasure above the wounds of others.

Do not consume other people’s pain, do not ignore other people’s tolerance, even if can not be kind, but also firmly shut up.

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