Baby-raising, education, full-time

Have you wondered why kids procrastinate

The same is raising a baby, some people full-time at home, but also busy feet touch the ground;Some people are able to work while bringing up children with strong ability to take care of themselves;

Baby-raising, education, full-time

The same children, some have a room full of books, signed up for a variety of cram school, but do not like to learn;And some children even if they do not go to cram school, will find their own books to read, to do……

What opens the gap between children is not the amount of time they spend with them or the amount of money they spend, but whether they have the motivation to grow themselves.

There is a famous saying in physics: “Give me a fulcrum, and I can move the whole earth”.

The same is true of children’s growth. Clever parents can find the fulcrum that leverages their children’s self-growth. They can make them fall in love with learning automatically and consciously and become better themselves, rather than waiting for parents’ discipline and urging every day.

How to find the fulcrum of children’s self-growth?Today’s book will give you answers and inspiration.

Do not write homework, mother and child filial piety;A homework, chicken fly dog jump.

“Accompany children to do homework”, become the parent-child relationship in the “first big killer”.

The most frustrating thing for parents is their children’s dawdling.

Before homework, the first delicious, fun coax enough, very not easy to do the desk, just put out the books and books, it will be ten minutes.Also open the pencil box, choose a favorite pen, as if writing is not homework, but “imperial edict”.

Finally began to write, he began to itch here, there uncomfortable……

Obviously one hour can finish the homework, has been delaying time to find excuses, do not write for three or four hours no results.

Not only do homework, take a shower, go to bed, get up, go out of the house, everything is not slow.How parents urge, I since stay upright!

Have you ever wondered why kids procrastinate?

Quit Your Child’s Procrastination argues that your child’s procrastination is caused by his fear, anxiety and desire for perfection.

This book starts from the triggers of procrastination, divides children’s procrastination into three types, and helps children to use their time effectively and say no to procrastination.What’s more, if parents also have the habit of procrastinating, how to change themselves and set a good example to their children.