Governing the country, the world, the view of great power

According to Records of Grand Historian

In the thirty-sixth year of Qin Shi Huang (211 BC), a meteorite fell from the sky.Then someone wrote on the meteorite: “The first emperor died and the ground was divided.”When Qin Shi Huang learned of this, he sent people to find the writer, but no one came forward to admit it.

Governing the country, the world, the view of great power

Governing the country, the world, the view of great power

So he killed all the people living near the site and burned the meteorite.Because he thought it was a bad omen.


While believing in immortals, Qin Shihuang did things against his belief.After he gained the kingdom, Qin Shi Huang often went to inspect all parts of the country.Once, when the First Emperor of Qin was passing by the Xiangshan Mountain in his boat, the wind was so strong that his boat could not move on.


Xiangshan Hill worshipped Xiangjun, the god of water.The First Emperor of Qin thought that the Lord Xiang had let the wind blow constantly and had blocked his way. He was so angry that he had all the trees on the Xiang Mountain cut down.Such was his lack of reverence for the immortals.


Qin Shi Huang believed in immortals and longed to become immortals.At that time, immortalization was often associated with the taking of alchemic medicine. A group of people led by the alchemist told Qin Shi Huang that there was an elixir of immortality.


According to the Records of the Grand Historian, the most famous of these men was Xu Fu of Qi.According to Xu Fu, there were three immortal mountains in the East China Sea — Penglai, Wanzhang and Yingzhou — where the immortals would bestow the elixir of immortality.


Xu Fu said he wanted to prepare tribute for the immortals. He also said that the immortals on the mountain wanted virginal boys and girls, and those who wanted this and that had made a lot of demands on Qin Shi Huang.He sought for fairy medicine as an excuse, successfully to thousands of virgins, and a considerable amount of money.


Now I think of it, Xu Fu probably wanted to escape from the disturbing land of Qin, and he was afraid of going to a strange place alone, so he wanted to open up a new world with his boy and girl.Xu Fu was from the State of Qi. Perhaps he heard from some people who lived by the sea that there was a country on the east sea.


That country would be Japan, where people don’t get beheaded at every turn, and people who live nearby don’t get killed because someone wrote a few words on a meteorite.


“For the happiness of posterity, a little treason is not out of the question.It’s supposed to be safe to go by big ship, but it costs a lot of money to build a boat! ‘Perhaps with this in mind, Xu Fu deceived and took advantage of Qin Shi Huang.