Governing the country, the world, the view of great power

It was necessary to ensure imperial power

Even a man as practical as the first emperor of Qin was not immune to the immortals of his time.

After the unification of the country, the First Emperor adopted the title “Emperor” as the exclusive title of supreme ruler for the first time. He also established the supremacy of imperial power by designating the “I”, which can be used by anyone, as the emperor’s exclusive title.

Governing the country, the world, the view of great power

It was necessary to ensure that imperial power was Paramount in order to govern the country better, but Qin Shi Huang gradually developed a sense of self-domination.He thought that when he had unified the world, he was no longer mortal, but supreme between heaven and earth.That is, people who are not old and immortal, such as the gods.

In the 28th year after his ascension to the throne (219 BC), Qin Shihuang held a ceremony to worship Buddhism in Mount Tai.

This incident also reflects his mentality of being arrogant.”Enclosure” means climbing Mount Tai, which is regarded as a holy mountain, and building an altar to worship heaven on the top of the mountain.”Zen”, namely in the foot of Mount Tai Liang Fu sprinkle sweep-offering ground.

In addition to offering sacrifices to the ground, “Zen” seems to have the meaning of offering sacrifices to the landscape.In short, the ceremony was not what ordinary people and vasses could expect. Only those who ruled the world and brought peace and prosperity were eligible to hold it.

According to the Book of Historic Records, Duke Huan of Qi, the overlord of the Spring and Autumn Period, was also eager to hold a ceremony, but Guan Zhong, a minister, persuaded him to give up the idea, citing various unfavorable conditions.Duke Huan of Qi was a hegemon, but he was only one of the vassal Kings.It is not so easy to hold a ceremony.

The First Emperor of Qin planned to hold a ceremony at Mount Tai, but the ceremony had been interrupted for a long time.The Analects of Confucius has a saying: “If a gentleman does not practice propriety for three years, propriety will go bad.If you give up joy for three years, it will collapse.”

For more than three years has the ceremony been interrupted?More than 500 years later, of course, no one knows what to do.Qin Shi Huang asked many Confucian scholars, but each told a different story.Some say the wheels must be wrapped in soft grass before going up to the mountain to offer sacrifices. Others say the ground must be covered with straw MATS.

In the end, Qin Shihuang simply refused to listen to anyone’s opinions and acted on his own.

He ordered people to open the mountain road, from the south slope of Mount Tai on the top of the mountain to worship the ceremony of heaven, and then from the north slope down the mountain, in the father of Liang worship of the ceremony.After discovering the incompetence of the Confucian scholars, the First Emperor of Qin doubted them and believed that nothing they said could be trusted.

After offering sacrifices to heaven, Qin Shihuang was caught in a downpour on his way down the mountain and took shelter from the rain in a pine tree.As a tribute to the pine tree for protecting him from the wind and rain, the First Emperor of Qin granted him the title of Five Physician.