Li Chenru talks about his views on his son

On Li Chenru’s Parenting View

Actor Li Chengru, 65, has become an unexpected hit,

The reason for that is that on the variety show Actors in Your Seats,

With Guo Jingming quarreled with the hot search, and – do not fall.

Li Chenru talks about his views on his son

The cause was Guo Jingming

To give an actor with poor performance an S card (which stands for most comprehensive),

But the reasons he gave were inconsistent,

Lee can’t resist two back-to-back attacks:

“I don’t like the idea of doing things differently.”

“Respect people at a young age.”

Guo isn’t the only victim on the show,

Zhao Wei was also shot, Li Chenru comments on Zhao Wei’s Return of the Pearl Princess

Is a farce of the Qing Dynasty,

Zhao Wei was on pins and needles and did not forget to criticize herself when she was commenting.

In fact, It wasn’t just on the show that Li was harsh and daring to say,

At home he was even more dismissive of his own son,

Once evaluated son Li Dahai “the person looks like a dog”, “good for nothing”.

His repressive education is hard for many people to accept.

Of course, if you know His own growth history,

You will understand that Li Chengru and Li Dahai, father and son,

Why did they fall in love and kill each other?

He is hard enough to himself

In 1954, Li Chengru was born in Dongcheng of Beijing, the youngest in his family. His mother gave birth to 11 children and raised 9 of them. When Li Chengru was 2 years old, his father died, and the whole family’s livelihood fell on his mother alone.

When he was young, he watched his mother work as a temporary laborer and went to the railway to carry sleepers, one for 200 jin.If you hit the nail, it will hit your hand. Every time you hit it, it will shake your hand.Every day back to the mother’s hands are swollen, so, in the evening back to the bottom to go out to sell, put now called thousand-layer bottom, a pair of bottom 50 cents, a night can pay 3.Li Chengru saw it in his eyes and remembered it in his heart. He knew a truth very early on:

If you want to survive, you have to rely on yourself.

At the most difficult time, he had eaten wild vegetables, sophora japonicus, willow buds, cabbage, bean curd, and even tried to eat bean cakes with horses. Before the age of 21, Li Chenru had never had a full meal.

These, shaped Li Chenru character on the firm character.

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