Be mature and humble

To be mature, be a prudent person

As Haruki Murakami once wrote in his book Men Without Women:

A gentleman is one who never talks about taxes or women he has slept with.

Be mature and humble

A truly mature person does not brag about his or her accomplishments, titles, or wealth because he or she knows that there are people worse off in the world.

It is this understanding that makes them seldom reveal their lives.

The more mature the mind, the more understanding of others is not easy, this understanding also contains a person’s tolerance and self-restraint.

During the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, the famous master of Chinese culture, Mr. Wang Guowei, invited the late Qing Dynasty emperor Puyi, who had long since abdicated, to his home for a visit.

When he enthusiastically to the last emperor to show his collection of half a lifetime of antique calligraphy and painting, jade, Puyi did not have too much interest, but casually pointed to a few pieces, told Wang Guowei that these are fake.

Wang Guowei is not satisfied with the immediate heart, these historic treasures are he by virtue of his aesthetic, historical attainments selected out, how can it be fake?

Wang Guowei thought, may be the little emperor did not look carefully.

Puyi left, Wang Guowei can’t wait to find a deeper friend to help identify, and go to the antique shop to find an expert, the result is the same: these several “treasures”, is indeed a fake.

After this event, “master of stone” Wang Guowei of this young but so wide Pu Yi admire.

When he again humbly asked Puyi to identify methods, Puyi said:

“I don’t understand your identification methods, techniques, I just see a few of your gadgets and those I have at home a little different.”

Many people often feel proud of what they have, in fact, those who do have are not proud of what they have.

Is the so-called, summer insects can not language ice, well frog language sea, ordinary people can not language way.

If a person has not really seen the world, it is easy to become trapped in the world that they know. They often mistakenly think that what they have is the best, and forget how big the world is.