See the world , be modest

See the world, know how to be humble

Li Hongzhang, a famous official at the end of the Qing Dynasty, was courteous and courteous. He often understood others’ difficulties in his treatment of others.

See the world , be modest

Once, he was sent to Nanjing to deal with official business. When he passed through his hometown Hefei, he decided to take time out to visit his mentor Xu Ziling.

When Li Hongzhang and his attendants arrived at the gate of Xu Fu, the gatekeeper saw clearly his flower feather and official robes. He was so frightened that he ran to report to the gatekeeper.

Li Hongzhang immediately stopped the doorman and said to him:

“You don’t want to be in a hurry to announce, can you lend me a suit of clothes?”

Confused, the doorman hurriedly went to look for clothes, and his entourage did not understand the meaning and asked the reason.

Li Hongzhang answered:

“If I wear this official uniform to see my mentor, it shows my official status. My mentor will be under great pressure, and even if I want to talk about old times, he will certainly have scruples.

If I had taken off my official cap and put on my casual clothes, my teacher would have been more relaxed and there would have been less estrangement.”

If ordinary people can such as Li Hongzhang general extremely people minister, at least will return home in glory;

But to be able to do such as Li Hongzhang generally do not show official titles do not register number, really realize that others are not as good as their own, this is the ordinary people can not be compared.

Writer Niu Pi Mingming once told a story about a friend of his.

This friend is a famous investor in Shanghai, because he is engaged in the investment market, so every time he will wear a height tailored suit, tie and cuff links are carefully matching.

And every time with classmates, he would change into ordinary T-shirt, put the good car in the garage, every time choose to take a taxi to the party.

He looks like an ordinary manager in Shanghai.

Although more than 20 years after graduation, the relationship between classmates is still as natural as when I was in school.

Many people asked him why he dressed like that every time he went to a reunion, but he said,

“Most of my old classmates’ material conditions are not as good as their own, not because they don’t work hard or have bad luck, but because they were born in Shanghai, their parents were the first group of successful businessmen in Shanghai, and their starting point is higher than that of many of my classmates.

I chose to change my expensive suit and take a taxi to get together with my classmates in order to take care of the feelings of more students, so that they will not have a sense of distance, psychological gap, not belowly, easily deny their own life.”

Compared with those who are always in the circle of friends flaunt wealth students, clearly said that he this friend do not know how many times higher.