Zu Xian, leisure, retreat, legend

We can roughly calculate an account

Leslie Cheung in the “tonight without defences” has mentioned and Wang Chu-hsien’s feelings of cooperation, “I think Wang Chu-hsien shot the first play is not very good, the second part of her progress quickly, suddenly seems to have an understanding.

Zu Xian, leisure, retreat, legend

After many times of cooperation, Leslie Cheung was surprised to find: “Zuxian is already a sister in the acting class.”In Hong Kong artists, elder sister refers to diva level female artists.

Grow beautiful, play well, let Wang Zuxian once red out of Asia.

Japan calls her the goddess of Asian beauty, the Venus de la Orient, and she once topped a list of the most popular foreign actresses in Japan.South Korea’s film and television drama fragments, can also see the side of the influence of wang zu-hyun.

Korean drama “please answer 1988”, the second set of the title, double door hole is wang zu-hsien play “a ghost”, the leading role of the two good friends, a claim to Zu-hsien, a claim to manyu.

The stars in the moon, Wang Zuxian himself is how to think?

“Sometimes I wish I were uglier. I’d rather people paid more attention to my acting, which makes me feel better.”

After the first inhibition of Yang, reverse expression, Versailles did not become the Internet carnival before Wang Zuxian has mastered the essence of Versailles.

Before the film, Wang Zuxian is the standard life victory group, after the film, Wang Zuxian also live free.

People think that Wang Zuxian’s film life miserable, one is because Wang Zuxian never married, followed by the official film before, Wang Zuxian has not been filming for many years.

What did she live on these years?

He made his debut in 1984 and fully retired from the entertainment industry in 2005.Over the years, Mr. Wong has earned enough to cover his future living costs.

We can roughly calculate an account, Jo-Hsien Wong’s income consists of acting income + advertising endorsements + investment.

Wang Zuoxian played a total of 66 films, early film pay 50 thousand start, “a Chinese ghost”, Wang Zuoxian explosion.In an old news story from 1990, she was invited to shoot a film by a film producer in Taiwan, and Wong only agreed to make a cameo for 5 days and get 1 million yuan for the film.

With the accumulation of brilliant achievements in the 1980s, after the 1990s, Wong’s salary rose to 2 million yuan.Among actresses of his generation, Jo-Hsien Wong earned the second highest salary after Anita Mui.