Zu Xian, leisure, retreat, legend

Superior appearance let hsien’s road to fame

Wang’s eyes, in particular, look like peach blossoms at a distance, but up close, like the phoenix. They are both charming and cold. It is no wonder that James Wong, who is accustomed to beautiful women, also calls his beauty “radiant and inscrutable.”

Zu Xian, leisure, retreat, legend

Unlike many Hong Kong stars who grew up in poverty, Mr. Wong was born into a wealthy family in Taiwan, where his maternal grandfather was a discip of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, who was also a local scholar.His father is a basketball star, Wang Zuxian has two brothers of the same generation, she is the youngest, is the apple of the eye of the whole family.

After school, Wang Zuxian in the school is all eyes.Song Yimin once revealed that Wang Zuxian was an alumnus of his Guoguang Art School. “When she was in class, all the seniors were lying at the door.”

Superior appearance let wang zu-hsien’s road to fame particularly smooth.

At 15, she received endorsements from big brands like Adidas and Black Pines.It will be cold on the lake this year for the first time, she was seen by Shaw Group executive Maggie Fong.

It was the early 1980s, when Shaw Brothers was still in its infancy, and Ms. Fong approached the studio: “I want this kid. How much do you want?”

In the end, Shaw Brothers bought out Wong’s eight-year contract for HK $280,000 and sent someone to teach her English and Cantonese.

Rumor has it that Ms. Fong presented Ms. Wong with a bunch of Shaw’s upcoming scripts and told her to act whatever she liked.

Ms. Fong did not misread the person, and Mr. Wong soon broke out in Hong Kong.

Her love affairs with the talented Qi Qin and the wealthy businessman Lin Jianyue are often talked about. Despite her beauty and gossip, her acting skills and influence are overlooked.

In “Working Emperor”, she played the chairman’s daughter may looks pure, beautiful, but acting is difficult to highlight.

In the film, Snow Chihiro waits for her lover with tears in her eyes, showing a more emotional level. “All five stars to Snow Chihiro,” a Douban user said.

“A Chinese Ghost”, Wang Zu-hsien broke people’s ugly and scary stereotype of female ghost, she shaped the Xiaoqian good Lengyan, and soul – catching.

Wang Zuxian’s charm let “Strange Strange Stories of Liaozhaizhiyi” the strange stories of the evil spirits and monsters in the way of a layer of rationality, the female ghost of such scenery, who can resist?