Zu Xian, leisure, retreat, legend

A head of long hair thick and elegant

Wang Zuxian retired before the mainland, the last interview to her reporter is Zhuo Wei.

At that time, Zhuo Wei had not become the first entertainment record, but it showed signs.Wang Zuxian refused to interview, Zhuo Wei tried to sneak into her participation in the party, the two chatted for nearly half an hour.

Zu Xian, leisure, retreat, legend

This exclusive news was not sent out by Zhuo Wei, the reason is very simple, the conversation between Wang Zuxian has been speaking Buddha language, difficult to draft.Zhuo Wei conjecture, Wang Zuxian in this circle stay soon.

Just as he expected, in 2001, Wang announced that he was retiring from acting and living in Canada at the press conference of the film “A Dream From the Garden”. After that, she also made a brief comeback to star in the feature film “Beautiful Shanghai”.

Now in 2020, years after her last work, Jo-Hsien Wong has always been a low-key life, a recluse abroad, and has never married.

This 19 years, regardless of Wang Zuxian want not to, her a little bit of wind and grass, will become a hot topic at home and dinner.

Nothing laments so much as the end of a hero, the end of a beauty.

But I say, don’t feel sorry for Jo-hyun Wong. She’s better off than you think.

Mr. Wong was and is doing well.

Reviewing her first half of life, it is not difficult to find that Wang Zuxian’s life, like the Versailles scientists do all the fantasy of the dream of the true version.

She has a good family background, beautiful appearance, has been the top of the career, surrounded by various talents and rich businessmen.There is no lack of beauty in the 1980s and 1990s, among the bright stars, Wang Zuxian is the most dazzling one.

Long, a head of long hair thick and elegant, hair line moving back workers can not be expected to.

Pure, straight eyebrow thick eyelids, pure expression, ordinary people can not learn to mirror 10 years of hard practice.

Fame, eye wave circulation, gently hook lip, be swept up one eye, she wants what you have to give.

Wang’s eyes, in particular, look like peach blossoms at a distance, but up close, like the phoenix. They are both charming and cold. It is no wonder that James Wong, who is accustomed to beautiful women, also calls his beauty “radiant and inscrutable.”

Unlike many Hong Kong stars who grew up in poverty, Mr. Wong was born into a wealthy family in Taiwan, where his maternal grandfather was a discip of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, who was also a local scholar.His father is a basketball star, Wang Zuxian has two brothers of the same generation, she is the youngest, is the apple of the eye of the whole family.

After school, Wang Zuxian in the school is all eyes.Song Yimin once revealed that Wang Zuxian was an alumnus of his Guoguang Art School. “When she was in class, all the seniors were lying at the door.”

Superior appearance let wang zu-hsien’s road to fame particularly smooth.