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Self-discipline to a certain extent

What do ordinary people do if they want to have a great life?

Bend down and don’t get up in a hurry.You have to save your life.

Many people’s lives, perhaps have had countless inspirational moments.

Stay-at-home moms, year-end reviews, home education

We were delighted to restart the goal and felt we could start again this time.But often can not adhere to a few days, and then lost to not self-discipline, let everything back to the origin.

Stop and think. Were you setting your goals too big in the first place?It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the frustration of not being able to complete a task or two.

Try setting a small goal for yourself and breaking it down into each day.

Stephen Gass, author of MicroHabits, also started out as a procrastinator and a very undisciplined guy.What made him change?

One day, just before the New Year, he wasn’t so happy with who he used to be, so he got down on the ground and did a push-up.He decided to challenge himself to do one push-up every day of his life.

One push-up a day, it’s too easy.It was easy, but he volunteered to do more each day.Once you’ve formed a habit, add new tasks.

For example, write 50 words a day.Sit down at the computer and write something.By developing these micro-habits, he found that he was able to do more and more each day.

From 50 words a day, to 500 words a day, to thousands of words a day, little by little, these tasks he did not stop a day.He soon grew into a prolific writer.

Just think about it. 500 words a day, that’s 180,000 words a year.

When we say that people are disciplined, we often have the illusion that this person is having a hard time. How many human foibles he has overcome, how many earthly pleasures he has given up, how many four o ‘clock in the morning…

In fact, self-discipline is not so bitter.

Self-discipline to a certain extent, is effortless.

When you taste the benefits of self-discipline, there’s no stopping it.The good habits developed through self-discipline will eventually become big rewards.