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Self-discipline is a choice

Self-discipline changes your life. It’s that simple.

Body is like this, career is like this, even the whole life is like this.

It applies to both men and women.

Stay-at-home moms, year-end reviews, home education

Writer Lian Yue once wrote a particularly good passage:

The flat belly of a 40-year-old man is not for show, it’s for comfort.

It sent an important message: OK, for the first half of my life, I was a disciplined, tasteful person who kept clean in an age of material excess.

The first half of life is good, the second half of life can not be too bad.

Like the first half of life in the belly of a lot of fat, in the second half of life is not likely to disappear, will only continue to accumulate.

Talent doesn’t vary that much from person to person.

Some people grow faster because of high levels of self-discipline.

Writer Liu Zhenyun once told a story:

Liu Zhenyun’s grandmother is very thin and small, but she is good at farm work.Every wheat harvest, the production team always put grandma in the front row.

Liu Zhenyun asked her: “you are so thin, how can cut so fast?”

Grandma replied: “I am not fast, I just bent down to go, not straight back. Unlike some people, straight a waist, a rest. There will be a second time soon, of course, the speed will be slow.”

Why can’t some people just be the guy cutting the wheat in the first row?

Because, for a little effort, we want an immediate reward.

Only to reduce a 35 pounds, turn the head can not stand the temptation of the barbecue stall;

After only a few days of reading, I immediately put it on the shelf.

After only a few days of memorizing words, I immediately ignore them selectively…

Arrived at the end of a summary, yi, how to still leave the target more and more far?

B: Well, I can’t finish it anyway. I’ll just have to make do.

Self-discipline is a choice.

Adults have the freedom to discipline themselves, but they also have the freedom to indulge themselves. No one will push you anymore.But every choice you make, you pay for yourself.

There is a saying that low-level desire, indulgence can have;A high desire;But it takes self-discipline to get it.Things don’t fall from heaven. The good things in life probably come from self-discipline.

Self-discipline, outstanding;

No discipline, you’re out.

What do ordinary people do if they want to have a great life?

Bend down and don’t get up in a hurry.You have to save your life.

Many people’s lives, perhaps have had countless inspirational moments.

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