Pinch pennies and shop during the holiday season

Obviously is saving money

I heard that my husband liked the new shoes very much after he received them.

Pinch pennies and shop during the holiday season

A man’s happiness is so simple.

So, don’t call a woman a spender so easily, and don’t look at what she has lost.

Truth: Where is this spending, obviously is saving money

Don’t think it’s easy to be a prodigal.

It requires mental, physical and connoisseurship to be online at the same time.

The hardest part of all is brain power.

You find no, now the activity is more and more routine, you are not careful, the routine.

But that’s not a problem for middle-aged moms.

In a variety of routines under the hammer, they have long been refined.

After all, this kind of picking up bargains and saving big money is only once a year, buy is to earn, how can they not pay attention?It doesn’t take much to stay up all night.

When it comes to budgeting, no one can compete with a middle-aged mother.

10 percent off for 2 pieces, 20 percent off for 3 pieces, full reduction across the store, and full price insurance, you can’t buy a loss, you can’t buy a trap.

In a word, baby’s math problem can not be explained clearly,

But when it comes to shopping, middle-aged moms are the best.

The joy of chopping off your hands on this day can burn brightly for a whole month.Do you think it’s worth it?

Next to chopping off your hands is the joy of waiting for delivery.

Bestie said she was anxious to check 800 back express a day, no exaggeration.Just the thought of the delivery service on the way makes me feel that life is filled with hope.

In fact, the next day after cutting off the hand, the person has almost calmed down, and vaguely produced a complex mood: timidity, fear, arrogance after regret…

But!When you click on an item and see that it has been restored to its original price, a new wave of euphoria sets in:

Where am I spending money? I’m saving money!

Bestie bought a total of ten thousand dollars of things, she carefully calculated, actually saved more than two thousand dollars!Surprised or not surprised?!

Considering the possibility of a return, her mood was even more beautiful:

“In case I return something unsuitable, I can get another amount of money back.”

Never thought, return can also enjoy this kind of pure happiness:

No money, but also can be in vain for several days, god, simply don’t earn too much ah!

Sure enough, there is no trouble, can not be solved by buying and buying.

Aftereffect: a fierce operation such as tiger, a look at the wallet heart bitter

One of the sisters said that she experienced the chopping and was strongly condemned in her heart. She decided to unload some cat, some east, and some Xi after receiving the express.

After all, once double 11 is over, double 12 is coming soon.

By that time, the severed hand had grown back again, and the cat, the east, and the West that had been removed had been quietly put back again…

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