Philosophy, life, good books

Compared with the man of the hour

The novel opens with the amorous Feelings of Yin Xueyan, the most famous dancer in The park.

When she arrived in Taipei, she set up a mansion in the same style as the old house in Shanghai.

Philosophy, life, good books

She chose the best sofas, the best silks, and knew how to dress herself.Her cooks can cook the most delicious Shanghai food, and different guests arrive every day.

These have been the fate of the decline of the people, as soon as entered the door of Yin Xueyan, as if to relive the old dream.

Bai Xianyong wrote:

At the mahjong table, a person’s fate is often out of control, the guests are invited to Yin Xueyan’s mouth to restore confidence and strengthen the fight.

Yin Xueyan stood on the side, holding the golden mouth of three nine, slowly blowing smoke rings, with the eyes of pity looked at her this group of proud, frustrated, old, prime of life, once the powerful, once the elegance of the guests, fanned to kill each other, kill each other.

Once in the battlefield, shopping malls all-powerful figures, now can only fight with the Yin Xueyan home mahjong table.

Among them was Wu, a manager who had been a celebrity and business magnate in Shanghai and could only become a small manager of an enterprise in Taiwan.

He often went to Yin Xue-yan’s home to sing opera, and his favorite song was the line in “The Four Lang Mother” : “I am like a diving dragon, trapped in the beach.”

It is this sentence that expresses the true portrayal of “Taipei people”.

Compared with the man of the hour, the fate of the little man is more sad.

There is a story in the book called “Glory of the Flower Bridge”. The Flower Bridge is a famous bridge over the Lijiang River in Guilin. By the bridge there is a Rice noodle shop named Rongji Guilin, which is well-known in the local people.

The daughter of a rice noodle shop fled to Taiwan and opened a rice noodle shop, also called Flower Bridge Rongji.It’s certainly not on a par with Guilin, but it’s comforting to many of guangxi’s fellow villagers.

The woman heart is kind, the old customer can charge, sometimes a balance is a year or two years, after a general ledger.

One of these customers was Lu, sven Wen, a teacher who played hu Qin very well. He turned out to be the son of a rich man from Guilin.

He eats frugally in Taiwan province and wants to save money to leave his fiancee in Guangxi as well. For this reason, he contacted his cousin in Hong Kong, who said that he needed 55,000 yuan to take the girl to Taiwan.