Pinch pennies and shop during the holiday season

That’s the difference between a single girl

As long as a woman is a mother, children are no problem in the first place.

Pinch pennies and shop during the holiday season

The shopping cart no longer belonged to my old mother since there was a four-legged golder.

Baby milk powder, diapers, clothes, shoes, snacks, toys, picture books…Just ask which one doesn’t cost money?What doesn’t require constant commitment?

The point is, there’s no reason mothers don’t hesitate to buy these things for their babies.

It all depends on what they believe inside them:

To buy things for a baby, how can it be called a prodigal?That’s just what you need!

So, a down operation, just baby things occupied half of the country.I wish the baby next year’s clothing, food, shelter and travel, all in this day to arrange clearly.

This day, countless mothers deal with money, eyes do not blink, is absolutely tuhao temperament to play the most incisive day!

After studying the baby’s things, then start to study what to buy yourself.At this time, the woman’s mentality has been quietly changed.

Buy, after all, miss for a long time, it is also rare to have suitable for their size.

Look at the price, and hesitated, after all, the money saved enough to give the child on a tutorial class.

That’s what middle-aged mothers do when it comes to shopping for themselves.

To buy a baby thousands of things crisp, to buy yourself a $200 lipstick, psychological struggle for most of the day.

They feel around the edges of the order, buying or not buying, depending on the whim of the moment.

Finally, if your heart is horizontal and your eyes are closed, spend a little…That’s it. That’s it.

That’s the difference between a single girl and a middle-aged mom.

Single girls can certainly be “nice to themselves” anytime, anywhere, but middle-aged mothers are likely to be “hard on themselves” anytime, anywhere.

A sister, from 0 o ‘clock in the morning began to snap up baby things, has continued to 3 o ‘clock in the morning, several times in the middle and boudoir online exchange strategy, mutual help, buy that call a fun.

After dawn, and continue to check the omission, to themselves and their parents, parents-in-law bought a pile of things, has been busy until 23:50 PM, suddenly remembered:

Oh, no, I haven’t bought anything for my husband yet. What about the rain and dew?But there were less than ten minutes left…

What can I get?

She seemed to remember that her husband had said that his soles had worn off and that he needed to buy a new pair of shoes.

Then, hurriedly went up some treasure to search once, hurriedly browses the commodity of sale top 5, the dot opened a pair of men leather shoes, more than 200 pieces of ocean, choose decisively, rush at 23:59 order finish.

The journey will take no more than five minutes…

I heard that my husband liked the new shoes very much after he received them.

A man’s happiness is so simple.

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  1. Girls should have their own sense of identity and outlook, and should not put themselves in an unfavorable environment. Thank you for sharing.

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