Everyone thought it be a doomed love

At 40, she chose to marry Gao Shengyuan.

Marriage, freedom, romance

She was so happy that day that she drank a lot of wine.

Originally the staff did not have the heart to only give her half a glass of wine, but she was very heroic: “Fill up!”Then he cried.

Everyone thought it would be a doomed love affair.

Her mother would not let her into the kitchen as a child, because the smoke would affect the level of appearance.But after marriage, she learned to cook from a fairy who did not eat fireworks.

She also said she wanted to have at least two children.

Unfortunately, this person was destined to become someone else’s unique.

But when we fall in love, who knows if we will part?People who fall in love, just want to start seriously.

Some people mistakenly thought that Zhou Xun was lack of love since childhood, because she had never seen the appearance of happiness, so I was anxious to hold on to every section of driftwood floating over.

Not really.

It is precisely because she grew up in a family where her parents loved each other and gave her enough love that she always believed in love and marriage must be beautiful.

Now, through the ups and downs of love, she has come to understand that “love is all the same. I can’t perfectly copy my parents’ state, but we all have our own experiences in life. I just want to be honest and make my choice.”

Every past is life.

“No matter what this person has done to me, I might have thought, ‘Oh, how can this happen?’ and forgotten.”

Even if you, in the vast sea of people looking for ah, finally find the doomed person, hand in hand through a period of time, and then give him back to the vast sea of people, what?

Every relationship, she recognizes.

Love is still beautiful, please always keep love brave.

She has won all the prizes

Zhou Xun is a born actress, and every look is a play.

Some people say that Zhou Xun’s speech in life is stuttering, but when she reads the lines, it is particularly smooth;She said she felt sleepy when she read the book, but she felt refreshed when she read the script. It was like a different person.

In a word, it is god who eats.

“If Zhou Xun grows five centimeters taller, the world will be hers,” Chen kaige said.

“It was easy to introduce her. She won all the prizes,” he said.

No matter how bumpy the road, her career has been very eye-catching.

She has had no formal training.

Her father is a cinema projectionist, she grew up in the cinema, may be early to see through the life in the play, her aura like nature.

Always thought she got it by luck.

Not really.No matter how talented an actor is, he can’t depend on luck for a lifetime.

Writer Huang Tong tong wrote her: “Suzhou has no one to rely on the wild growth of girls, everything by their own back.”

She really works hard all the time, trying to create every character.

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  1. Love is still beautiful. Always be brave.The article shared by the floor master is very practical, and clear, logical, is a very important way to learn knowledge.

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