Love is like life, you have no control over it

Love is like life, you have no control over it

A girl posted a picture of herself kissing on Instagram.

The sunset is full of love.

Love is like life, you have no control over it

She also included a handwritten note from her boyfriend:

“There may be millions of roses in the world, but I am your one and only rose.

Like many girls who fall in love, it is very common for them to declare their love in a high profile.

But eagle-eyed netizens soon recognized that the boyfriend was no one else but Zhou Xun’s husband, Gao Shengyuan.

In May, Gao suddenly emptied his Instagram of past photos of Zhou Xun, prompting netizens to speculate:

Are they divorced?

Photos of the kiss have been published, almost confirming divorce rumors.

The matter has so far, Zhou Xun studio first sent a micro blog, simple three words: I wish you well.

Three minutes later, Gao shengyuan sent the same three words.Just missing a full stop.

In this way, the two parties acquiesced in the fact of divorce.

The little girl who put so much importance on love was once again alone.

The good news is that the fans are really thoughtful.

No one cried, said no longer believe in love silly words, no one complained about the man, blame him why don’t know how to cherish.

The comments on Weibo were surprisingly consistent:

Always be free and brilliant, do your best;

This is the son I love, decent and magnum,

You are an elf, and you belong to no one.

As she said, the most painful time, is the best time, can see a lot of things.

Some things in life will change in an instant.

Photo “Love is like life, you have no control over it”

Zhou Xun openly admitted that the feelings, a total of eight.

First love thunder, rock singer Dou Peng, Jia Hongsheng, Pu Shu, Li Yapeng…Finally, gao Shengyuan.

Every paragraph with vigour and vitality, but each paragraph ended with regret.

She had always been the one who loved without turning back.

Many years ago, she was in love with her stylist Li Daqi, and in the interview, her eyes and eyebrows were smiling and her face was sweet

She said that two people just walk in the main road, feel very happy.

She was always like that, true and false, loving freely and too much.

And those who fall in love with the little girl is no different, she never hide their feelings, fall in love with a person, just want to tell the world.

Eleven years ago, Xu Interviewed her and asked her to describe her views on love in three words.

What she said was: beauty, change, yearning.

At that time, she had experienced several discrete love, although the heart yearning for it, but also had the comfort to bear any result.

She said, “Love is like life, you have no control over it; you only cherish and face it in the process, no matter what the process and the result.”

She was crying as she said this, tears running down her face.

At 40, she chose to marry Gao Shengyuan.

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  1. The most painful time, is the best time, can see a lot of things.The article shared by the floor master is very practical, and clear, logical, is a very important way to learn knowledge.

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