Difficult employment of graduates

All of these resumes are heavily padded

It is difficult to get an internship at a big company like Tencent or alibaba if you have an ordinary degree, but some mid-sized Internet companies, such as didi and netease, can do the job, carr said.The price of the internal promotion internship is generally 20,000 to 30,000 yuan, and the promise is that if it doesn’t work, you can get a full refund.

Difficult employment of graduates

Carr told Caijing that he has internal resources that outsiders don’t have, and can send resumes directly to the company as long as they pass their review.He emphasizes, push inside can reduce the difficulty that seeks practice greatly: if normal unit of choose and employ persons is right the requirement of resume is 90 minutes, push through their inside channel, the resume of 60 minutes can pack.

Next, Carr showed a resume rating sheet that was based on internships: 985 had a basic score of 50, the first grade 30, and the second grade 10.In addition, there are a number of additional points and subtractions, such as 10 for men in science and engineering and 10 for women in finance.

He repeatedly assured Caijing reporters that they would follow the personnel process and sign the contract after paying the deposit, just like the formal internship.

Carr also sent in several resumes that he said were examples of what they had done.All of these resumes are heavily padded.Many students come from famous universities at home and abroad. They have internship experience in three or four first-class famous enterprises, and they are skilled in the application of various software tools.Excellent as “other people’s children”.

“If you look for an internship yourself, you will never know how many great gods are competing for a place. Dozens, hundreds, thousands of them are not exaggerations, but you are the only one competing internally.”Carl said.

A second-year graduate student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, who took part in this year’s autumn recruitment, told Caijing that most of the students interviewed with her had multiple internships, and even for marginal positions, their internship experience could be a good match.

The process provided by Carl is as follows: check the matching positions first, pay 30% deposit after confirming the positions, pay 30% after receiving the interview, and finally pay balance payment after getting the offer.

Twelve hours later, Carl sent in four Didi internships: strategic intern, data analysis intern and two content operations intern.

All of Carr’s benchmark resumes were stripped of their personal information, except for one from Fu, whose phone number was saved by writing it in the header.

Caijing reporter contacted Fu to verify the authenticity of the internship tweet, which made the seemingly simple paid internship seem weird.

Learned that after the ins and outs, baylor school act shocked and angry, he claimed that he had never spend a penny on an internship, but did not find the paid internship institutions, completely don’t know how their information was leaked out, and told caijing reporter stressed that don’t believe these paid internship mediation, or to search for internship is steadfast.

Then, Fu immediately sent a message to his friends, joking that his information had been sold by the intermediary, saying that his internship was completed with the help of Teacher Cao, who supervised his study abroad.Three minutes later, he added at the bottom of the post that Carl and his agent had offered him compensation and wanted him to delete it.

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  1. Now the total number of graduates is large, and the due resources are unevenly distributed, resulting in more difficult employment than in previous years.The article shared by the floor master is very practical, and clear, logical, is a very important way to learn knowledge.

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