Pinch pennies and shop during the holiday season

A man’s humility comes from his wife

When you go out these days, you only have to look around a little to see that many women don’t have hands!

Pinch pennies and shop during the holiday season

Because I just chopped it the other day!

The craziest thing I’ve heard, Annie bought 900 pieces!

From the most expensive 10,000 yuan face cream, to the cheapest 0.01 yuan sample, this row of face, I’m afraid no one can match.

Qin Hao asked: “What… how many of the 900 pieces do I have?”

Yi neng jing a face tsundere ground answer: “inside what, the box is your ha ~ remember garbage classification.”

Ask Qin Hao prick the heart not?

When the sisters saw the post, they laughed and had a heated discussion, focusing on how many pieces they bought and how much they spent:

One said, “A box of A4 paper and 18 wallets mailed. He asked for them by name.”

Another said, “A set of thermal underwear, less than 100 yuan. I should buy it, after all, I didn’t buy it last year.”

The third said, “A thin down jacket, more than 100 yuan, to tell the truth, if it were not for the single, I would not buy it!”

At this time, a sister leisurely came a sentence:

“You’re all right, then.

When I went shopping, I didn’t even remember I had a husband…

You see, we can’t buy 900, but when it comes to the husband’s salary, it’s the same.

That’s right, the biggest humbleness for a man comes from his wife’s shopping cart.

Ranking: children > their own > parents > husband

Some men are eager to strengthen their family position.

Tell the truth, at home what position, oneself in the mind have no point?

If you still don’t know, I suggest you take a look at your wife’s shopping cart.

A woman hides her love and hate in her shopping cart.

As the hostess that is in charge of a family to purchase power, buy what, buy for who, buy what first, buy what after, that but have exquisite, it is to want seniority.

Don’t always call a woman a prodigal.

As long as a woman is a mother, children are no problem in the first place.

The shopping cart no longer belonged to my old mother since there was a four-legged golder.

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  1. A boy’s humility comes from his wife, two people get along with each other will be more progress.Thanks for sharing.

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