Education, internships, anxiety

This was the first time classmate told her privately

At the end of November this year, a reporter from caijing successfully got a remote internship as a programmer of Meituan company at a cost of more than 20,000 yuan through this dark web.

 Education, internships, anxiety

On December 3rd, caijing reporter to ask the relevant person in charge of the company, Meituan pay in the external and whether there is a remote internship program after Meituan company official said in a statement: Meituan never with third party organizations or individuals in the so-called “charge internship” cooperation, the internship program, there is no charge in the company to remind the students watch the cheated.

College graduates are already anxious about their jobs.Data from the National Survey on Employment of College Graduates show that 80.1 percent of graduates in China will find jobs in 2019, a figure that includes continuing to study.In other words, one out of every five graduates has yet to find their way.

According to data released by the Ministry of Education in February, master’s degree enrollment increased by 189,000 over last year.

Affected by the outbreak of the new champions league, and further enlarge employment anxiety, many companies are not normal business during the first half, cooperated big data research institute released in April 2020 graduates for employment report showed that this year the university graduation fresh graduates of 8.74 million, more than seventy percent of the graduates had not yet been signed, but the enterprise demand for fresh graduates recruitment scale fell 22% year on year.

By December, the total number of new graduates who had not yet found a job fell, but many remained afloat.”I finally landed,” a fresh graduate from Tongji University, who finally signed a labor contract with his employer in November, told Caijing.

Li told Caijing that she first came into contact with paid internships in a public account of her classmates and friends circle: paid internships in famous enterprises — consulting, Internet and financial promotion, with the help of a senior tutor in the industry to quickly improve her background.

This was the first time she had heard of paid internships.The classmate told her privately that she could search for the keyword “internship promotion” on Taobao.

Caijing reporters searched for “internship promotion” on Taobao, and there were many shops.The comment section of a business that claimed to be able to promote internships at a major Internet company was almost uniformly positive, with one saying that he had successfully retained a job at a major Internet company through paid internships.After a brief consultation, an intermediary named Carl sent to the intern to push the introduction.

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  1. Affected by the epidemic, the employment market is bleak and the distribution of due resources is uneven, making employment more difficult than in previous years.The article shared by the floor master is very practical, and clear, logical, is a very important way to learn knowledge.

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