Education, internships, anxiety

Pay for internships to decorate resumes

Ordinary college student Li Li is in her junior year and is about to graduate next year. This girl, who does not have any available social resources, starts to feel anxious about her internship.

Education, internships, anxiety

Senior senior told her, without a good internship, it is almost impossible to enter a famous company to work.

A 985-degree computer science student was turned down for a job as a product manager at a large Internet company because he had no relevant internship experience.She heard these stories more and more, and they all came down to one key point — no internship at a big company, no good job.

Li Li’s mailbox is filled with dozens of applications for internship positions. Occasionally, some marginal positions in unknown companies reply to her, but this is not her goal. She hopes to apply for a position in a big factory and head organization that looks more core than her classmates.There is an obsession in her mind: without good internship experience, it is impossible to successfully get a job.

Through the guidance of various complex and scattered information, Li Finally found a way to intern in a large company, and she could choose any company and position, but this cost her a sum of money, probably in the tens of thousands of yuan.

There are people around who do.Last year, Lu bought an internship opportunity through a well-known overseas study agency, spending more than 20,000 yuan.Still, the internship seemed extraordinary.

This is a remote internship position in a well-known FAST moving consumer goods company. During the one-month internship, she neither went to the company nor met the tutor.After the internship ended, she did not get a stamped internship certificate.The agent told her that if needed, the mentor she had never met would prove to her that she had actually interned there.

Lu fang later told Caijing that if she wanted an internship certificate, it was not impossible, but she would have to raise the price to nearly 40,000 yuan.

Mr. Lu didn’t raise the money in the end.She chose to trust the agent and the “mentor” she had never met.Adding the internship to her resume, she said, “It was money well spent.”

Pay for internships to decorate resumes — a decidedly different dark web reaches out to anxious college students with the signage of a legitimate agency.

How exactly does this network work, and why can it provide “internships” for almost every major Internet company such as Tencent, ali, baidu,, bytedance, didi and Meituan?How do they fit together?Who is playing a major role in this?

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