Adversity, help, lesson

The same shopping malls discount sales

Why are you unhappy?

Because you don’t understand where happiness comes from.

Adversity, help, lesson

In a public speech, kazuo Inamori, a famous Japanese economist, mentioned the difference between rich and poor families. The poorer the family, the more things it buys, while the richer the family, the less things it has.

Why is it that poorer households are more likely to shop, while richer households are more likely to shop in order?

Because rich and happy families know that they only live one percent of their lives.

1% of happiness is to simplify, to zero, to live a minimalist life.

Lao-tzu believed that nought is the origin of the world, and that all things originate from nought and end up nought.

Nothing is zero, zero makes one, one goes back to zero.

Zero thinking is now the most worthy of learning thinking.

What is zero thinking?Is to empty their hearts of all, have all stripped, everything to zero way of thinking.

The truly rich don’t waste their time on shopping. They pay more attention to their “rigid needs” and don’t waste money on things they don’t need even if they are on sale.

The poor, unable to control their desire to buy, spend freely and waste precious time on useless expenses in order to satisfy their vanity.

Fangfang, the heroine of The movie Born to Buy, is a typical poor person.

In order to satisfy her desire, she went to great lengths to buy things. As a result, she not only got into debt, but also lost her job.

Fangfang woke up from her awakening and sat in a crowded room, looking at the shoes and bags piled up in the room.

The same shopping malls discount sales, the rich know where to stop;The poor, on the other hand, will make a one-off retaliatory consumption in a state of mind “if you are cheap, you are not a fool”.

Little do they know, the business is to take advantage of the poor mentality, this move on the “fool” has always worked.

Happiness will never be reached if we are always trapped by useless things.

Keep a clear mind, simplify the way of life, will not get lost in the false desire, lose the direction of life.

Letter from Zeng Guofan: Be careful and simple in everything.

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  1. Keep your mind clear, simplify your lifestyle, and don’t get lost in false desires and directions in your life.The article shared by the floor master is very practical, and clear, logical, is a very important way to learn knowledge.

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