Adversity, help, lesson

Don’t blame anyone else

How can we call it a road when there are few obstacles?

How can you call it life without a few curves?

Which successful people, no tears in the eyes?

Which climber has no blisters at his feet?

Adversity, help, lesson

To be a person,

Don’t blame anyone,

Good people, give you is happy;

Bad people, give you growth;

Love you, give you comfort;

I’m counting on you. I’m giving you experience.

Someone hurts you easily, blame yourself not strong enough

Don’t blame anyone else!

Others can hurt you,

You gave him the right.

Those who hurt you easily,

People you care about and cherish.

Care for you, to you in no small way;

Don’t care, neither for you.

Sometimes when you feel bad for a person,

No bottom line concessions,

Compromise without dignity,

Destined not to be cherished.

Don’t blame others for not caring about you,

Blame on you, no principle of soft heart!

Always worried that they are not free and easy enough

One thing, past,

There is no need to recall;

A man, already gone,

Why are you so obsessed with it?

Others easily let you hurt,

Because you are unwilling!

Heavy with worry, tossing and turning, unable to eat,

Is it not the fault of others,

To punish yourself?

The feeling that you get along with, you put in the heart;

Don’t care if you don’t get along.

Relax your heart,

Now and again,

Only when you’re not upset and resentful,

Only then can you truly be at ease with yourself!

Road to Jane: do not blame people, reflect on yourself


There is no medicine to let go of the past,

There are no shortcuts to success.

Every step of life,

It’s all your own doing.

Easier said than done,

Do not blame others, reflect on yourself.

2020 is coming.

Learn to forget the dross,

Pack light!

In summing up this year’s gains and losses,

Do not blame others, find their own shortcomings;

Know how to precipitate, so that their more calm.

Looking back at you and me,

Be more grateful, be more grateful,

With conscience, be yourself!

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  1. Don’t blame others, find your own shortcomings;Know how to precipitate, let oneself more calm.The article shared by the floor master is very practical, and clear, logical, is a very important way to learn knowledge.

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