Character, virtue, education

Good or bad character can be hidden

One user shared two short stories about a friend close to her.Once when driving straight to a red light and the lane was empty, my friend refused to go, preferring to wait in the straight lane.

To this, she is a little curious, since it is possible to go straight can turn right, why not drive past.His friend said he didn’t want to block the car behind him.”That other straight car still will go to occupy ah.””That’s their business. It doesn’t matter if I wait a little longer.”

Character, virtue, education

Another time, they ate takeout together at the office.When she had finished eating, she tied up the bag with the remaining juice and planned to put it in the garbage can in the corridor.

The result is stopped by a friend said, if the garbage bag leakage, the soup will spill on the ground, should first pour the soup into the sink, then put the garbage bag into the trash can, so as not to cause trouble for the cleaning personnel.

Although these are small things, but from her description, it is not difficult to imagine that he is a reliable and worthy of respect.At the end of the story, the user wrote:

‘My friend’s presence has taught me that all forces in the world are not impassioned and powerful, but can be peaceful.’It exists in the life of the drip, but let a person can not help but want to draw close, want to look up to and imitate, want to let oneself also become such a person.

Character is always the best passport to life.If you are a trustworthy person, others will be willing to connect with you and give you support and help.

Good or bad character can not be hidden, want to win recognition, the best way is to start from the small things around, do integrity and friendliness, abide by the rules, respect others, integrity…

Do these details well, also shape the basic moral character and accomplishment.In this way, no matter what kind of situation, can stand the test.

If you have virtue like jade, you should keep it.May we all be able to cultivate our own moral character, and be a person who is consistent in words and deeds, who practices both inside and outside, and who does not deceive others outside.In this way, in order to go on the road of life more stable, farther, more leisurely.

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  1. May all of us develop our own moral character and become a person who is consistent with our words and practices, both inside and outside.The article shared by the floor master is very practical, and clear, logical, is a very important way to learn knowledge.

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