Character, virtue, education

Since it is possible to go straight

Fangfang recently turned down a suitor.In fact, before this, she had a good impression of him.For more than two months, she has been very considerate and sincere.

She not only cares about and greets her every day, but also often sends her breakfast and presents.But over the weekend, something happened that completely changed her mind.

Character, virtue, education

That day, due to the sudden heavy rain, the other party specifically offered to pick her up from work.On the way back through a deep hole, but the other side did not slow down, just stepped on the throttle rushed past, the passer-by standing on the side of the road splashed with water.

Fang Fang asked him why not early to slow down, the result of the man put on a pair of careless appearance, prevaricate did not see someone.

Hearing this reply, Fangfang did not continue to ask, and her good impression of this person disappeared.

“Obviously,” she told me, “his thoughtfulness was deliberate.And his subconscious behavior in life is the most true expression of his character, can not be hidden.”


It is true that one’s conduct cannot be disguised.No matter how hard you try to disguise it, it will come out through your every move.

The more subtle, the more people can be seen.As long as more attention to observe, a person is worth contact, the details will tell you the answer.


It is said that appreciation of a person starts from the level of appearance, respect for talent, fit for character.

In fact, with the growth of experience, the more knowledgeable people, the more will find that a good character is the real charm of a person.


One user shared two short stories about a friend close to her.Once when driving straight to a red light and the lane was empty, my friend refused to go, preferring to wait in the straight lane.

To this, she is a little curious, since it is possible to go straight can turn right, why not drive past.His friend said he didn’t want to block the car behind him.”That other straight car still will go to occupy ah.””That’s their business. It doesn’t matter if I wait a little longer.”

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  1. A person’s appreciation begins with appearance, respect for talent, and character.The article shared by the floor master is very practical, and clear, logical, is a very important way to learn knowledge.

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