The relationship between parents and children, love and responsibility

But children are nothing and tolerance to us

We always set too many conditions on our children in the name of love: you must study well, you must be obedient, you must be excellent…Otherwise, I won’t love you.

The relationship between parents and children, love and responsibility

But children to us, only unconditional love and tolerance.

We are always their first choice.

Imagine if your child often says to you, “You’re not a good parent. If you don’t work harder at your job, I’m not going to like you.”

What will you be feeling at that time?

A few days ago, Sun posted a long speech on her Micro blog, celebrating her 9-year-old son and so on.

She said:

“Thank you for making me a mom.

Thank you, inspired me to learn the motivation;

Thank you for teaching me the ability to communicate with others;

Thank you for always telling me I’m beautiful…

It is children that make our lives complete, help us feel the magic of life, and become more responsible and responsible people.

We, in fact, owe our children a “thank you”.

We think of the years as too long, and that raising children is hard and hard.

In fact, the children really accompany us for how long?

I saw this video recently:

Until your child is seven, home is everything;

7 to 13 years old, home is at night;

13-18 years old, home is the weekend;

18-23 years old, family is winter and summer vacation;

After 23, home is only Spring Festival.

We and the child’s predestination, really did not imagine so long.

From the moment we brought him into this world, parental love has been directed towards separation.We have to, to see him grow up, to see him independent, to see him go far, back, go far.

The only real intimacy between us and our child is in the years before he turns 13.

So, be sure to treasure it.

Remember how glad you were to meet him;

Remember when he still can’t walk, you watched him crying capricious, never willing to lose his temper;

Remember that you rejoiced with him every time he stumbled to a start;

Remember that every time you annoyed him or annoyed him, he never complained that you hated you…

One thought on “But children are nothing and tolerance to us

  1. Children should be very tolerant and have a lot of patience with them,giving your child enough space to think freely.

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