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By chance, read Taiwan writer Zhang Wenliang’s prose “lead a snail to go for a walk” : God gave me a task, called me to lead a snail to go for a walk, I can’t go too fast, snail has tried to climb, why every time always so little…”

Was it not our child that little snail spoke of?

They have tried their best to climb forward, but the restlessly in class, the small noisy activities between classes, bad study habits because I can not meet the high requirements and was blamed, painstaking education, efforts to correct, every time this time the children with or sorry or wronged eyes looked at me.

Think I was too eager to succeed, is to slow down and wait for these little snails!

The children become active in class raise your hand to speak;I was no longer angry with the children for secretl exchanging the contents of the book, but let them share the interesting contents they had read aloud with their classmates.

From their earnest faces, I felt their joy in gaining knowledge and heard their love for knowledge.

Once, bend down to take a thing, because too hard, the water cup on the table impartial ground hits my head, the children immediately surrounded come up, anxious ground shout.

The anxious little faces moved people.My teaching career has become colorful because of their laughter and laughter, and I start to look forward to meeting them every day.

Although there will still be angry and impatient, but the child unconsciously showed the first best things in life, let me no longer bored, this way of “walking” journey let me learn to pay, learn to appreciate, learn to understand, more learned to wait and calm.

Years of incense, a tree a tree of prosperity, green is also light, yellow also comfortable.Education is like taking a snail for a walk, I want to keep a snail in my heart, I want to take it leisurely forward.

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  1. Every child is an angel of effort, they have their own behavior habits and expressions, to give them enough space to show the ability of thinking.

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