Dream, decorate, be self - sufficient

If you want to use a sentence to sum up

This is my 15th year as an independent woman, my 7th year as a mother, and my 6th year as a parenting blogger, if you count it in terms of financial independence.

So what kind of life experience have I had over the years on my platform with 5 million women friends who were born in the 1980s and 1990s?

 Dream, decorate, be self - sufficient

If you want to use a sentence to sum up: that is people ah, afraid of what, to what.If our goal is never to be like So-and-so, then chances are we’re going to be the ones we hate.

Next, I will share with you three short stories, all from the mothers of our platform. I believe you can better understand the meaning of what I said after listening to the story.

She often give me a message, every time is long, every time is (she) just finished roar his son come to see me this tree hole, every time I also will answer her: discipline from the front, the parents how to manage the emotions, how to analyse apologize to his son, including how to set up daily rules consciousness, really all the theory and practice in the closet I tell her.

But it didn’t seem to work, because she came to leave me a message every now and then, still a big one.She was frustrated, and so was I.

Later I found that maybe I was really useless, because she disappeared for a period of time after more than half a year, the familiar ID appeared again, this time there is no dense text, only a smile, a sunshine.

I’ll leave it at that and say, hey, how’s it going?Still yelling at your son?She said: also roar of, unceasing practice in bai.I can feel her relaxation from her words, I can’t help but share with her: I am so happy!

Then she told me: Thank you ah, last message told me at the end, you said if you try your best and still can’t do, it doesn’t matter, then continue to try, so I am still continuing to try.

Being a mom is just like taking any test or taking any new job.

Not study, efforts will be good results, too concerned about as long as the effort to solve all the people, too early focus on the solution above, and no longer focus on efforts, too focused on the return of people are often unwilling to pay.And solving something is ultimately about waiting for it to come to you.

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  1. Efforts will have good results, too care as long as the solution to all the people’s efforts.Floor Lord this article is written very well, the style of writing is beautiful, the idea is profound, the effect is very big.

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