Dream, decorate, be self - sufficient

Knowledge is learned from the Internet

The study is very simple but useful, not too delicate but intriguing, each corner is full of fantastic life atmosphere.

 Dream, decorate, be self - sufficient

They say a person’s character is best seen in the furnishings of a house.

The acetate salad was painted in the same style as her house, simple and rough with a touch of loveliness.

She used the rest of the board to make a swing, love to worry about the net friend: you buy so many boards dry huh?

Acetate salad said: buy a lot of free mail ah.

Others questioned: “How can one person do so much, fake?”

Acetic salad: I quite understand you, because if I hadn’t made it myself, I wouldn’t have believed it either.

Some people because of the craft called her “female version of manual geng”, some people because of her cold humor, called her “home industry Li Ronghao”.

Despite these labels, the original reason acetic acid salad wanted to remodel the house was simple and crude:

Just because I want to live in a big house, have nice furniture and decorate my home.

But poor, she can not afford to give a big house down payment, also can not be generous, buy their favorite furniture.

Finally, a middle ground was worked out:

Take a 130-square-metre blank room and roll up your sleeves.

Hardpack knowledge is learned from the Internet, tool materials are purchased in some treasure, are readily available.

In my mind, I pictured the appearance of my home. I pasted the bricks with cement and laid the wooden floor.

What seemed impossible at first became possible step by step in her hand.

In the end, it took more than a year and about 13,000 yuan to build a cozy nest to cuddle up to after working hard.

And a lifetime of hardcover knowledge and hands-on skills.

“For me, it’s not just love and buying things that increase happiness.”

From raw houses to industrial houses in Syria, acetic salad may be hard to replicate as a pair of hands brought back from the dead.

But the determination and courage to change their lives can make people who have become numb and mechanical in their nine-to-five lives think about what they are trying to do.

Ordinary people acetic acid salad, live in Dalian, work is a nurse, want to live the big house that decorates delicacy?It seems impossible.

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  1. A man’s character is best seen in the furnishings of his house.Floor Lord this article is written very well, the style of writing is beautiful, the idea is profound, the effect is very big.

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