Dream, decorate, be self - sufficient

The acetic acid salad hopes to convey

Finally, I want a cloakroom where I can put my beautiful clothes.

 Dream, decorate, be self - sufficient

How to do?The wood is running out.

Difficulties do not dauntless me, a bundle of hemp rope wood, lattice bamboo nail a nail.

Nordic minimalist Ins style double wardrobe, super solid quality, you deserve it.

Netizens often doubt their eyes, even watching videos of acetic salad can’t let their minds wander.

For, as if by magic, a handsome piece of solid furniture had soon sprung up.

It’s like building a house when you were a kid.She’s also a Buff krypton player, and it’s done with a whew.

But in reality, the 16-minute makeover was about a year’s worth of acetate salad.

From a bare house with nothing to a cozy nest with everything, she has worked wonders for her life by hand.

This satisfaction, is to hire more severe decoration team can not match ah.

After the video went viral, many netizens admired the transformation magic of acetic acid salad on the one hand, and on the other hand, it was very realistic:

“Just look at it. It doesn’t have any reference value for a hand like mine.”

It is true that not every girl can do what she can to transform a rough and rough room.

But the acetic acid salad hopes to convey an active lifestyle: those who can make changes are always the ones who enjoy life the most.

In the heart of a tiger sniffs a rose.

While it’s amazing to build a sofa or wardrobe by hand, she’s made more interesting gadgets from the minutias of life.

The round decorations on the walls, for example, were adapted from hospital CT scans.

The colored paper on the bedroom wall has been dubbed mondrian’s abstract style by netizens.

The quiet corner of the shelf was made of withered flowers, concrete vases, and timbers.

Draw a homemade pillowcase with acrylic paint and insert the cotton pillow core.

Two home-style pillow cases, get!

How could there be no TV in the living room?

However, due to the limited budget, I could only buy a cheap alternative – the projector, and then use black paper edged with white curtain.

Well, it’s the “big TV” of my dreams.

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  1. Hands-on ability is really very strong, admire this girl.Floor Lord this article is written very well, the style of writing is beautiful, the idea is profound, the effect is very big.

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