Dream, decorate, be self - sufficient

Difficult way this is the craft

Owning a house of one’s own is perhaps the biggest wish of many young people struggling in big cities.

Very not easy house get to hand, the money in pocket was already not much however, that decorate how to do?

Chinese traditional wind, European gorgeous wind, Japanese warm wind…How many good ideas, are worth but a “money” word.

Young people, however, have more solutions than problems.How about, do it yourself, poor outfit!

That’s how the acetic acid salad that “one man could fit a repair crew” became so popular.

A year ago, she received a rough, bare room from her landlord.

Dream, decorate, be self - sufficient

A year later, it has been dubbed the “Industrial Syrian house” and the “destitute Kardashian House” by netizens.

The video has received over 3.5 million views, 370,000 thumb up and 27,000 barrage in B station.

The sentence that appears most frequently on the bullet screen may be:

Where can I find the girl?Want to marry…

Acetic salad from Dalian, the job is a nurse.

Weekdays in the hospital heal the wounded and rescue the dying, off work in the home beautiful hand.

She can do anything, the net friend said “a person can be equal to a decoration team”, really is not imaginary.

Here’s a look at the real kung fu:

First it was a plain bundle of wire.

After a pass of acetic acid salad operation, ruthless iron hand, measuring genre silk, grinding edges and corners, winding around…

Net friend: difficult way this is the craft that the iron wire that loses long ago weaves?

Seriously, they’re supposed to be in the kitchen, containers for things!

When I was young, acetic acid salad had a little wish.

Can put a swing in the home, leisure time sitting on it to watch the clouds.

It just so happens that I didn’t run out of materials for the chair last time.Make a swing.

There’s no need to wait for the express delivery. It takes eight hours to finish the journey.

It’s the right time for afternoon tea. How comfortable!

A little swing, in the renovation of the whole house, is nothing.

Ninety percent of the furniture in the living room, in the bedroom, as far as the eye could see, was made by her alone.

Commonly known as the sitting room C big sofa, oneself start work to do to save 5000 yuan, low-key style.

In the bedroom also put a comfortable warm big bed, relieve the fatigue after a day of work.

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