Waste utilization, education style, parenting view

Even successful toys take a lot of effort

The second layer is a combination lock.

Waste utilization, education style, parenting view

Turn to the corresponding number to take out two keys.

Put the two keys in the lock on the third floor and the box will open.

Except for what exists in reality.

Virtual things, Zhang Shuai can also help her daughter dream.

My daughter has her eye on the watchtower at the cartoon headquarters of the Team Wang Wang.

He just whined away at the clipboard.

Make a base for the tower.

Then make the top of the tower.

Join together and add spiral staircase

Paint with your daughter.

The watchtower, which was finally made, was moved from the cartoon.

Of course, the actual production process is not as simple as the video.

Zhang Shuai did not learn art, many ideas are original, no reference template.

Many toys fail before they get out of the street.

Even successful toys take a lot of effort.

Climb the stairs like marbles my daughter loves to play with.

The marbles get stuck in the first place.

He changed a lot of ways but couldn’t solve it.

Put aside for half a month, after just think of a way to use the crawler.

Slowly through the combination of different toys, play more patterns.

The conveyor belt and ball bearing version.

Elevator and ball combined version.

A version of the conveyor belt and xylophone.

Some toys make more than one.

Made two, one to play with the baby, one to play with the baby.

The toys he made attracted a lot of people’s attention.

It’s also met with a lot of skepticism.

Some netizens said: These things are useless.

Zhang Shuai said, accompany the child to play together, than useful, much more important.

He just wants to be a normal dad who makes his daughter happy.

Among the many toys that Zhang Shuai makes for her daughter, there is one that gives me a special feeling.

It was a small cardboard plane.

It’s not as flashy as other toys.

The spiral is blown by the fan, the sky special effect wants the father to carry the paper skin, completely reveals the filling.

But the way the little girl stepped into the plane was like she was actually flying.

There is a passage in the Gardener and the Carpenter:

As a parent, the most important reward is not your child’s grades and trophies, or even their graduations and weddings. It is the physical and mental joy of living with your child, and the little moments of happiness your child has with you.

No matter the toy is useful or not, company is the biggest meaning.

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  1. The most important rewards are not grades and trophies, not even graduations and weddings.Floor Lord this article is written very well, the style of writing is beautiful, the idea is profound, the effect is very big.

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