Parenting, personality, respect for children

The man at first asked only for food

Zeng Guofan later set great achievements, there has been no opportunity to retaliate Zhao Zao.This is the larger the pattern of the people, the less entwine.

Parenting, personality, respect for children

Zeng Guofan said, “A scholar has three fights: don’t fight with a gentleman for fame, don’t fight with a villain for profit, and don’t fight with heaven and earth.”

For small things, rotten people rotten things, and they care about is a waste of life, for themselves to find angry.The best way is to let go.

Do not tangle, do not care about, will not set up too many enemies, will not always be framed;You can save a lot of time and energy to do what you want to do by not obsessing over it.

It was because he was not entangled with the rotten people, the petty people and the trivial things that Zeng Guofan achieved the miracle of being promoted to ten levels in nine years and finally became a famous official.

The more wise, the less greedy

An ancient book says that once upon a time there was a poor peasant who had saved the life of a snake. In return, the snake asked the peasant to grant his wish.

The man at first asked only for food and clothing, but the snake gave him what he wanted.

Later, his greed grew and he demanded to be an official. The snake satisfied him.

Until he became a prime minister, he also demanded to be emperor.

At this time, the snake finally understand that people’s greed is bottomless, so one mouthful on the man swallowed up.

The snake swallowed the prime minister, but not the elephant, leaving the allusion that “people are not satisfied with the snake swallowing facies”.

Today, people gradually write the phrase “a snake swallowing an elephant” as “a snake swallowing an elephant” to describe a person who is insatiably greedy, just like a snake swallowing an elephant in the end.

In fact, the real greedy is the heart of people, not the snake.

“Zhuangzi” said, wren nest in the deep forest, but only one;Hades drink river, but full.

The bird that makes its home in the forest takes up no more than one branch of a thousand trees.Hades drink water together, but at most drink until full.

This is to tell us not to be greedy, because greed is the root of many evils.

A fly that is greedy of honey will drown in the syrup, and some people, because of greed, want more things, but they lose what they have now.

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  1. Do not be greedy, for greed is the root of many evils.Floor Lord this article is written very well, the style of writing is beautiful, the idea is profound, the effect is very big.

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