Parenting, personality, respect for children

This name is believed to be relatively familiar

Many people say that stars in the entertainment industry live on their faces, and their external image has a great influence on the development of artists.

Parenting, personality, respect for children

Therefore, stars usually spend a lot of time to maintain themselves, no matter male or female artists.Nowadays, plastic surgery is a common phenomenon, and many entertainers in the entertainment industry have been questioned about plastic surgery, such as Su Youpeng, who we are all familiar with.

This name is believed to be relatively familiar to everyone. In the early years, he was in the band Little Tigers, which could be said to be popular all over the country. Later, the band broke up and he began to act, with the return of the Pearl Princess, this drama successfully established a firm foothold in the entertainment industry.

We all know that Su Youpeng not only has great strength, but also his appearance is quite outstanding, so many people wanted to cooperate with him at that time.

In recent years, Su has started to be a director, and some of his works have been well received.Now Su Has little acting, occasionally through some variety show to meet the public.Some time ago, when he participated in a show, he was questioned by netizens about his plastic surgery.

People thought that he had changed a lot and his smile was relatively rigid.

This is not the first time he has been questioned about plastic surgery. He was questioned when he took part in a variety show last year, but su responded by saying that he had only changed his appearance and lost weight, rather than getting plastic surgery.Although he responded to the incident, he was more skeptical when compared to his peers.

Su and Wu, both of whom started their careers as little Tigers, have been well developed in the entertainment industry over the years, so they are often compared with each other by netizens.

The pair have previously shared photos on social media accounts, showing Su with a stiff smile and looking much younger than Nicky, although he is only three years younger.


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