Parenting, personality, respect for children

Children wear comfortable not deliberately

In fact, each parent has his own opinion on whether this is necessary or not.

Just a netizen once said this sentence, which seems to be a joke, expressing the heart of many parents:

“Rich daughter, let the child more knowledge, don’t grow up to be cheated out of a lollipop.”

“Spiritual Enrichment”

Parenting, personality, respect for children

For many celebrity parents, it is not difficult to give their children the best material conditions, such as buying shoes and bags of famous brands and going to famous schools.

However, few children can be spiritually “rich”.

But the Couple’s education of their daughter, Cindy, must have a name.

Some time ago, Tian Liang posted a video on his micro blog showing him practicing tennis.

In the video, Sen does not say a word, but under the guidance of the coach, he does every movement very well.

As can be seen from the photos, Cindy loves tennis and is serious about it.

It’s hard to believe that in 2013’s Where Are We Going, Dad, Cindy is still the weirdo girl and the wind.

Now Cindy is really “someone else’s kid”.

In addition to tennis, she also plays skateboard well;

From time to time at home to do handicrafts, do a “quiet beautiful woman”;

Learn the violin and music skills, too

Of course, It didn’t go to waste when Cindy showed great athletic talent from an early age.

She won bronze MEDALS in javelin and running in her first world competition.

Quiet as a child, move like a rabbit.Sen Dish is so excellent, no wonder Tian Liang is affectionately known as the father-in-law of the people on the Internet.

However, this is absolutely inseparable from parents’ education and guidance of Cindy.

After “Dad, where are we going?” was broadcast, Cindy became very popular, and her every move was also followed by everyone.

in the sen when small, a netizen came across Ye Yi Qian and Sen Dish mother and daughter to buy something.

As a result, netizens are surprised to find that my little fairy wears the same clothes and carries the same schoolbag as last year. She is very frugal.

However, Tian and Ye said: clothes, children wear comfortable, clean, not deliberately pursue brand name.

Because compared with the material rich, they pay more attention to the spiritual rich.

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  1. Compared with the material, we should pay more attention to the spiritual world of children.Floor Lord this article is written very well, the style of writing is beautiful, the idea is profound, the effect is very big.

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