Parenting, personality, respect for children

Don’t grow up to be cheated out lollipop

Before, Wang Feng posted a group of photos: Wake up to visit Class Zhang Ziyi, Zhang Ziyi took out the shooting to use the jewelry, to wake up to play.

Parenting, personality, respect for children

The price of this set of jewelry is around 500 million yuan, wake up this year is only five years old, you can play with it.

In fact, not only Zhang Ziyi, but also many parents are in favor of the idea of “raising a rich daughter”.

What’s more, the celebrities’ high incomes make it seem like an equipment race for their children.

Zhang Ziyi’s daughter plays with 500 million yuan of jewelry every day.

And Ruby Lin waved, a few billion of jewelry, directly bought for her daughter “little dolphin.”

Ruby Lin’s daughter, “Little Dolphin”, is less than three years old and is worth hundreds of millions.

In addition to daily necessities are the best, every birthday, festivals and other important days, Ruby will spend a lot of money to buy children diamond rings, necklaces and other expensive jewelry.

Like this material rich children, and Edison Chen —

In his early years in the entertainment industry, Mr Koonhige thrived. Even after he retired, the popular logo business went global.

He does not lack money, after having a daughter no problem a “daughter slave”.

His daughter Alaia has been drinking only one water ever since she was born: Mountain Valley, a 148-year-old high-end mineral water in the United States. A bottle is 200 yuan.

Oh, my God, that’s more than 120,000 a year.

Really, the little girl that drinks dew to grow up, let a person envy really.

When I was four months old, I wore the global limited edition of my Nike shoes.

Even the father does not have these shoes, or the daughter is the most important.

Consider the little girl’s unglamorous toy box, also a limited edition joint venture between LV and Superme.

It was worth 470,000 yuan when I bought it. It has since multiplied several times and is now worth at least one million yuan.

Maybe e someone is going to start sour: is it money burn?Billions of jewels, millions of toy boxes, what do kids know? Is that necessary?

In fact, each parent has his own opinion on whether this is necessary or not.

Just a netizen once said this sentence, which seems to be a joke, expressing the heart of many parents:

“Rich daughter, let the child more knowledge, don’t grow up to be cheated out of a lollipop.”

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  1. “The rich daughter, let the child have more knowledge.Floor Lord this article is written very well, the style of writing is beautiful, the idea is profound, the effect is very big.

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