Parenting, personality, respect for children

Stars are also ordinary people

Never thought, the mother also have a free time.

A few days ago, Zhang updated her drama selfies with a mop head, blue lipstick and sunburnt cheeks on her micro blog.

Zhang Ziyi: Halloween party, we are serious!

Parenting, personality, respect for children

“Is this Zhang Ziyi?” netizens asked.”, “Sister how to feel a little trance”, I did not recognize.

Sure enough, being beautiful means you can do whatever you want!

However, in the photo, netizens Leeuwenhoek, found zhang’s stepdaughter “Little Apple” figure.

The “little Apple” has a split red lip and bling eye makeup, and while both wear exaggerated makeup, it doesn’t look awkward at all.Standing next to Zhang Ziyi is not like a mother and daughter at all, but more like a sister.

Zhang Ziyi really deserves to be called, raising a daughter really has a way.

As many people know, Zhang Ziyi is famous for her emphasis on women rather than men. She once said frankly that a daughter needs to be rich.

Her 4-year-old, she said, also offers to help out with zippers and heels when she wakes up for her own fitting.

Zhang Ziyi: “She likes to get into my skirt and play hide and seek with me.”

The net friend sour groan: like this big brand gao Ding, other star touch will be scolded on hot search, wake up already tired of playing.

Sure enough, I won at the starting line.

In fact, whether her older daughter little apple, or the younger girl woke up, the two girls every twinkle and smile is happy appearance.

From the state of Zhang’s two daughters, it is not difficult to see that she is really good at parenting.

As she said, the daughter of the upbringing, must be rich.

In fact, whether it is a daughter, should be “rich raise”.

Stars are also ordinary people, in the aspect of raising children, the old mother’s heart, anxious to give their children “pick the stars, pick the moon”.

Zhang Ziyi is no exception.

Not long ago, she just gave birth to a second child, the daughter’s education has not diminished.

Zhang ziyi said in an interview that she wants her daughter to become a designer when she grows up, so she has started to introduce her daughter to her jewelry and jewelry.

before, Wang Feng posted a group of photos: Wake up to visit Class Zhang Ziyi, Zhang Ziyi took out the shooting to use the jewelry, to wake up to play.

The price of this set of jewelry is around 500 million yuan, wake up this year is only five years old, you can play with it.

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