Level, pattern, educational view

Zeng just chuckled over it without answering

Zeng guofan and his brothers played a key role in the war, especially Zeng Guofan, who fought in the front line and led the soldiers to the end under Anqing.

Level, pattern, educational view

however, Zeng Guofan in the court’s memorial, but the planning, overall planning of the war to Hu Linyi, the front of the bloody battle to the more long a, this makes Zeng Guofan very angry.

“It took me more than a year of bloody battles to win Anqing at the risk of my own life. Why should I give up my military achievements to others?”Tsang questioned his brother.

Zeng just chuckled over it without answering.Zeng Guofan’s wisdom, Zeng Guofan can not understand.

For Zeng Guofan, one can win others’ support and win people’s hearts.Others, whose contributions were appreciated more than expected, would naturally support Zeng.

The most important thing is to dispel the court’s suspicion of him and let the court rest assured.In history, ministers have achieved great success and caused great shocks, which eventually led to death.Zeng guofan’s humility, so that he can avoid tragedy.

To kill two birds with one stone, can not only win hearts, get more users, let the subordinate to its “at ease”;And can avoid the court’s suspicion, let the superior “at ease”.

The wise man takes no advantage

Take advantage of whatever form, whatever nature, whatever purpose, may be summed up in a word: easy to take advantage of, or embarrassing, or troublesome.

Zeng Guofan once said: Do not take advantage of anyone at all.Would that man would take advantage of me, never would that man take advantage of me.

Zeng Guo-fan sent Yung Wing to The United States to buy machinery. He was offered a lucrative job and everyone in government knew that Yung Wing would come to buy gifts.

But zeng Guofan had already left the capital. To this end, he wrote to his son, warning him, “If the value of what Yung wing offers is not more than twenty liang of silver, take it; if it exceeds that, return it.”

To accept a small gift is to give face.To refuse a great gift is to stick to one’s principles and to fight justice rather than wealth.

Zeng Guofan said, “Wealth gathers and spreads, while wealth scatters and spreads.”He is light of money, so he keeps talented people.Who is not willing to follow such a leader, and who is not at ease?

The Master said, “The superior man is dignified without pride; the lesser man is arrogant without pride.”

A true gentleman is one who is as steady as Mount Tai, who is prudent in life, who is not arrogant or impetuous, who does not take advantage of others, who is light of wealth and heavy of justice, and who is humble in achievement.

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  1. Feeling safe and comfortable with the people you are with is the wisest way to be human.Floor Lord this article is written very well, the style of writing is beautiful, the idea is profound, the effect is very big.

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