Level, pattern, educational view

Person who likes to show off his tongue

Zeng Guofan once said, “Think big, start small, gather together and guard your mouth, live alone and guard your heart.” “Do not act as you wish, and do not speak as you wish.” “Ban big words to be pragmatic.”

Level, pattern, educational view

All these show Zeng’s “refrain from saying too much”, and also show that only insightful and valuable opinions will be welcomed by people, while unchosen words and exaggerations will make people bored.

Zeng guofan’s “abstinence from many words” originated from a small matter, when he was just promoted to the Academician Academy, and his life was at its peak.

On his father’s birthday, his good friend Zheng Xiaoshan came to congratulate him. Zeng Guofan spoke a lot of nonsense towards him, and he was quite complacent. As a result, Zheng Xiaoshan was disappointed and went away.

Later, Zeng guofan realized his mistakes and wrote in his diary about his three mistakes.

One is often self-righteous;Second, speak without thinking, say what you want, without considering others.Three is unreasonable stir three points, clearly he has been wrong, but also do not admit, and others argue.

Afterwards, Zeng Guofan said that he could not even understand the truth that “evil words do not come from your mouth, nor does anger come from your body.” He could not even get past the point of speaking. What great things could he accomplish?

Zeng guofan made great efforts to “abstain from speaking too much”. He often reflected on his language mistakes and the sincerity of language in his diary, and devoted himself to changing his language habits.

As for “don’t talk too much,” he is not only strict with himself, but also treats it as a family discipline. He is strict with his two sons and younger brother, hoping that they can do the same.

As the saying goes, “the curse comes from the mouth.” The biggest challenge for a man is to be proud and arrogant, to say something exaggerated, to brag about his ability.

In the first place, you will bring disaster to yourself. In the second place, you will lose the trust and respect of others. Who can trust you with the job?

Therefore, the person who likes to show off his tongue will never succeed in the end.

A wise man knows how to work hard

In 1853, Zeng Guofan, a scholar with no military experience, founded the Hunan Army, and with his own strength, put out the great fire of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, which burned half of China.

What did Zeng Guofan rely on to administer the Xiang Army?In fact, let the subordinate to its “at ease”, let the court also “at ease”.

Zeng Guofan has a famous saying: “Success does not live alone, pass without buck-passing.”Before defeating the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, the Xiang army beat down anqing, a very important city.

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