The relationship between parents and children

I was sorry to hear what she said

To tell you the truth, I was very sad to hear what she said.

The relationship between parents and children

Of course, we can have another child, but the reason for having a child should not be that the child has been “abandoned”, to have another to make up for the shortcomings.

What’s wrong with children?It’s the adults who are at fault.

We are always easy to deny the child, used to stare at the child on such and such shortcomings, but rarely go to sincerely appreciate and praise their children.

Think this child is not outstanding, still can regenerate, but the child?From the beginning, he was your child.

He can’t run, he can’t hide, whatever his parents are, that’s his destiny.

I have seen a video of heart stabbing:

A brother and a sister came to a castle. There were many rooms in the castle.

They came to the first room, there was a man and a woman, the man was reading, the woman was doing the housework, they smiled politely at the children.

That’s very nice of the family.

But they turned away and went into the second room.

A man and a woman were having dinner. While they were eating, they were happily talking about something.They warmly greeted them to come in and have some juice. They smiled and left.

They came to the third room.

A man and a woman were taking a stroll under the tree. They smiled at the sisters and brother, looking so gentle.

They went on to the fourth room.It was a messy bedroom, littered with clothes and clutter, where a man and a woman were quarrelling.

The men stagger drunk and the women hold their glasses and argue loudly.The smiles faded from the sisters’ faces.

But they have no choice, they have to choose the man and the woman, because this is their parents.They returned to the house full of quarrels.

This is a parent-child public service advertisement shot in Finland, which has caused countless parents to think deeply.

Children do not choose their parents.But what if they could?

It is not hard to find that our love for our children is not pure.

We always set too many conditions on our children in the name of love: you must study well, you must be obedient, you must be excellent…Otherwise, I won’t love you.

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