Level, pattern, educational view

He was able to achieve such brilliant achievements

Get the world, “rest assured” contains a person’s character, but also reflects a person’s cultivation.

Making the people you associate with feel secure and comfortable is the smartest way to be a human being.

Being reassured is the highest evaluation of a person, which means that the person is kind and reliable.

Level, pattern, educational view

Zeng Guofan was born in a peasant family, and his grandfather and parents were not culturally advanced. However, he eventually became the “first perfect man in the history of history”.

After he entered the political career, he was promoted smoothly all the way. The speed of promotion was so fast that no one in the dynasty could reach it.Later, he was conferred the title of First-class Yi Yong Marquis and became the only scholar in the Qing Dynasty who was conferred the title of marquis Wu.

At that time, the political situation was unstable and domestic and foreign troubles intensified. However, he was able to withdraw completely from officialdom and get the highest preferential treatment from the Qing government when he died.

Throughout Zeng guofan’s life, he was able to achieve such brilliant achievements, which could not be separated from his way of being and doing things.

Zeng guofan spent his life exploring ways of being a man and doing things, the most important of which was to make others feel at ease and reliable.Simple as it is to say, it is not easy to do.

“Rest assured” contains a person’s character, but also reflects a person’s cultivation.

Not much, I can rest assured

Talk with people, always compare others’ weaknesses, praise their strengths, or point to the shortcomings than people do not let go, is to belittle others, so as to raise their own.

Such behavior is typically insular, despised, and easily resented.

So speaking to give themselves room, from the language of the people who push themselves to the wall, is absolutely stupid.Those who have no self-restraint, shallow and vulgar people, are often those who talk a lot and do not forgive others.

Zeng Guofan once said, “Think big, start small, gather together and guard your mouth, live alone and guard your heart.” “Do not act as you wish, and do not speak as you wish.” “Ban big words to be pragmatic.”

All these show Zeng’s “refrain from saying too much”, and also show that only insightful and valuable opinions will be welcomed by people, while unchosen words and exaggerations will make people bored.

Zeng guofan’s “abstinence from many words” originated from a small matter, when he was just promoted to the Academician Academy, and his life was at its peak.

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  1. Feeling safe and comfortable with the people you are with is the wisest way to be human.Floor Lord this article is written very well, the style of writing is beautiful, the idea is profound, the effect is very big.

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