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A person is willing to pay kindness

When Li Shuchang, one of Zeng’s disciples, was a county magistrate in Jiangsu province, he encountered many difficulties.

The local bandits were rampant, the people were fierce, and the previous magistrates owed too much money and grain. Li Shuchang tried all means, but he could do nothing.

So he wrote to Zeng Guofan, wishing to leave the land of trouble as soon as possible.

Zeng Guofan advised him: “Keep the character of patience, and the thoroughness of your journey.”

Encounter difficulties, endure hardship, things will slowly turn for the better.

Sure enough, after a short time, Jiangsu Governor Zhang Zhiwan came forward to solve the matter.

Li Shuchang was also valued by the court for his hard work and became a bigger and bigger official.

The ancients said: “the world is not not from the hard to get, and can be long can be big also.”

Nothing is easy, and the easy things are hard to last.

Reliable people, no matter what things to do, will be in an orderly way, the things one by one are in reality.

Be economic content

The Master said, “If you want to establish yourself, you will establish others; if you want to achieve greatness, you will become master.”

A person is willing to pay kindness, others are willing to return kindness.

If you have good intentions and help each other, the road of life will naturally go more smoothly.

During the Reign of Xianfeng, the Xiang army was defeated. Zeng Guofan fought with the Taiping Army in Jiangxi. The general Tazib died by vomiting blood.

The only thing he could rely on around him was the south of Luoze. Under such circumstances, he still transferred Luoze south to Hu Linyi of Hubei.

Hu Linyi relied on this elite in Hubei to stand firm and make achievements, but Zeng Guofan was more and more difficult.

Later, When Zeng guofan was defeated, Emperor Xianfeng intended to put Hu Linyi in charge of the Xiang army, but Hu Linyi refused.

Through various channels, he tried to get Zeng guofan to recover.

He knew how much Zeng guofan had paid for him, and when others gave him a helping hand, he would give them a helping hand.

It was because of Hu Linyi’s persistence that Zeng Guofan had a second chance to go out of the mountains.

The ancients said: “to treat people with kindness is also driven by kindness.”

When a person is willing to treat others with kindness, others are willing to repay him with kindness.

Everything has its cause and effect, and everything has its cycle.

The good will flow, will eventually return to their own body.

Long life, every kind, are for their own blessings saved.

“All four xun” said: “Life stands on its own, blessing on its own.

The riches and honour of a man’s life are never fixed by heaven, but are fixed by himself.

Being humble and thick, doing things practical and kind, such a person, heaven will not disappoint.

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  1. One person is willing to give kindness, others are willing to return kindness.Floor Lord this article is written very well, the style of writing is beautiful, the idea is profound, the effect is very big.

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