Education and responsibility. Parents should set an example for their children

Afraid that his mother will grow old,

Inadvertently brush a short video, only 11 seconds, but suddenly stab in the tears, see cry:

Education and responsibility. Parents should set an example for their children

A mother wanted to see what she looked like when she was old. The little boy tried to stop her, crying so hard that he would not let her see…

After sharing the video with several mothers, they all cried watching it.

In this world, the most afraid of your old, the most afraid of losing you, in addition to parents, is a child ah.

You never know how much your children love you.

Originally is carefree age, but has the deepest fear, that one day parents will become old, will leave.

In “Dad, Where Are we Going?”, Chen’s son Jasper is asked: “Are you afraid that my father will grow old?”

He smiled and said, “No!”

When asked why, he said: “I don’t like being old! I haven’t seen dad grow old.”

“Have you ever seen some people whose hair is white, who can’t see, who can’t walk?”

He suddenly became nervous. “I don’t want it. I want daddy.”

“What if dad gets old one day?”

Jasper replied firmly: “I don’t want it.”

Then he looked to the side of his father, found his father how to cry, quickly went over to help his father wipe tears, while concerned to ask his father what happened.

Chen xiaochun hugged him and sobbed: “I love you.”

When Jasper left, he could bear it no longer, and hid his face and began to cry.

This is tough Chen Xiaochun.

Children’s world is small, small to only mom and dad.We always think that children so young don’t know anything, but in fact, they know everything.

We really are all they have.

In fact, the child is not our soft rib?

They use their own soft, always in one moment after another, let us suddenly burst into tears.

My best friend’s son, who is in fourth grade and finished his mid-term exams last week, is known as the “underachiever”.

She looked worried. “I’m thinking about having another child.”


She said, “I always feel that my son has been raised and abandoned, he is now a whole body of problems, poor physique, poor grades, introverted personality, I missed a lot of opportunities to teach him, took a lot of detour, I always feel that now can not come back. Another child, I will do a good job of training from scratch.”

To tell you the truth, I was very sad to hear what she said.

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